Friday, December 21, 2007

Last Minute Holiday Checklist
NOW IS THE TIME to check for any last minute items you may have overlooked for your holiday entertaining.
1) Is your bottle of hydrogen peroxide fresh? If peroxide is more than four or five months old it will not work to remove red dye or red wine stains. Please don't pour white wine in your carpet to get rid of red wine stains unless you want an army of ants parading across your carpet. See my stain removal guide for instructions. Print it out and keep it handy.
2) Have you planned to have punch that contains something other than red, purple or orange colors? The dye from those colors is quite difficult to remove.
3) Do you have a trash can for each room of the house where guests will linger?
4) What about candles? Are there coasters that will go under each of them?
5) Is your bottle of all purpose cleaner filled and handy under the kitchen sink along with a few towels for quick clean ups?
6) Have you cleaned out your chimney or wood stove pipes?
7) Are there plenty of extra coasters for glasses, plates and anything that might be hot?
8) Have you taken time for a long hot bath?
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Thursday, December 20, 2007

     Winter and the holiday season is upon us as well as the loosening of our belt buckles when we overindulged with that last cookie or helping of mashed potatoes and gravey. Diets get blown away this time of year faster than the kids can figure out your new electronic gadgets.
     Then comes the traditional breaking of the New Years resolutions made after eating that piece of pecan pie. Oh I've heard the words all too often "I'll never induldge like that again. I promise to take brisk walks every day." So what is stopping you besides that sleet and 12 inches of fresh snow on the ground?  
   Just how do you drop that weight and get back in shape when the weather is nasty and the warm fire convinces you to stay indoors? Grab your coat, jump in the car and and head for your sporting goods or video store for workout tapes. Buy four or five tapes not only to prevent boredom from having to repeat the same one over and over but also to give your body a thorough overall workout. The ones I enjoy the most are a Salsa workout tape by Crunch. I have two pilate tapes by The Method and another by The Firm called Tough Tape 2. To really get your heart rate going try the Boot Camp - jumping jacks and skipping rope included. Then also pick up a beginners tape of Yoga for the stetching and flexibility to help prevent arthritis and stiff joints.  
   Next set your alarm 30 mintues earlier in the morning and stop whining. Your joints ache, your back hurts and your pants won't zip.  After a week of dedicated effort trust me you won't miss a day. Your new found energy will amaze you. You will  breeze through your work and still have enough energy at night to walk that new puppy. It opens your breathing, gets your blood circulating and puts a glow in your complexion. No amount of prescription medicine or face cream can put the kind of glow on your face as that of a good diet and hearty workout. 
     Beat the rush and start you New Years resolution now!
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Monday, December 17, 2007

My precious daughter-in-law recently sent me her connection to a popular social website, My Face. When I began entering information to join, I was shocked to see along with your name they ask for your date of birth. With identity theft in full throttle around the world please always remember to keep your personal information personal.
Here are a few general guidelines:
1)  NEVER give you birthdate to any website etc on the internet. Write them and insist they remove that requirment. Do not have anything to do with any site that asks for this information. When the money stops flowing because people stop using them they will change their ways and quickly.
2)  Take this a step further. Do NOT disclose your mother's maiden name or the city where you were born. No one needs this information for any reason. 
3) NEVER let anyone write down the expiration date on your driver's license. Most of them are the day and month of your birthday. This practice must stop so write your congress persons to change this law.
4) NEVER allow a clerk to write down your driver's license, birth date or any other personal information including your address when you pay with a credit card. I am a Visa Master Card merchant. Anyone asking for such information should be turned into the bank processing companies.
5) Follow your table host or hostess when you give them your credit card to pay for a meal. Make certain they do not place your card in their pocket. Some tuck small recorders in their pockets that scan your card number and 3 digit number on the back of your card.
6) I recently read where debit cards are dangerous to use. Stop using them. If someone lifts your debit card number, they can wipe out your bank account within minutes and you have no recourse for reimbursement with a Debit Card. Credit cards are safer and carry a small limit should someone steal your card to make fraudulent charges.  
7) Stop using ATM machines. It is easy to hide a very small camara just above the card swipe that records your card number. Take the extra care to get to the bank before it closes for extra money if you think you will need it.
With a little care and planning you can keep your identity safe and save months of anquish.

Friday, December 14, 2007

The Holiday Season brings good cheer and gathering of friends and family. It also can be the most dangerous season for fires. With a few precautions you can enjoy a worry free holiday.  
1) CHECK THAT LIST TWICE! Make sure your chimney has been cleaned and the soot scraped off the walls of your fireplace and doors.
2) NEVER LEAVE a room unless you extinguish all candles. Do not place candles near flammable material such as on window sills, near lamps or walls. Burn only lead free candles  preferably made with soy. Soy produces minimal smoke and burns longer without leaving black soot residue on surfaces like a wall or the side of a candle holder.
3) NEVER MOVE a lit candle. Extinguish it. Always place a candle on a decorative plate or coaster. Candle wax permanently stains furniture including wood, counters, table tops etc.
4) CLEAN your clothes dryer vents after each load to prevent dryer fires especially this time of year when the dryer sees more activity than any other time of year.
5) CHECK YOUR FIRE EXTINQUISHER. Make sure you have a fire extinquisher on each level of your home. Show each capable member of your home how to use it. Make certain it is current and in working condition.
6) When you deep fry with oil, keep a large pan lid next to the stove in case of fire. Also keep a shaker container of  baking soda next to the stove to extinguish any flame that might arise from cooking fried foods.
ONE FINAL NOTE: Purchase an excape ladder for each floor of your home if you have more than one floor in your home. Do not store it in the box, remove it. Each second is valuable in a fire and taking the time to remove it from the box can mean the difference of life and death. Test run the ladder making certain you and every member of your family knows how to use it.  MOST IMPORTANT, establish a meeting place outside of your home for family members if your home does catch on fire.You know instantly if anyone is missing and where to find them. Go over escape routes and make a practice run using the ladders if required.
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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Here are a few easy tips to help you stress less for the upcoming Holiday Season.
1) Double Up!  If you fix a stew, meatloaf or any meal that freezes easily, double what you normally cook freezing the other half. Chili and soups are fast and easy to toss together yet you can make enough for usually three to four meals. One leftover meal for the current week then freeze another for later. 
2) ALWAYS double check your shopping list to prevent making two trips. Have your menu for each meal written down and check it to make sure everything you need is on your grocery list. In fact take your menu with you! Most people only take their grocery list. It has saved many a second trip out just by having the menus handy while I'm shopping.  
Purchase double of any item you use frequently like butter or margarine. Those can be frozen if they are not used. Also buy double of any liquid item like Whipping cream to save a disaster if the original spills or you have more guests than you planned to have. Make sure your condiments like baking soda, corn starch and white vinegar are fresh to prevent recipes from not turning out correctly if the product is old. Check your cabinets.  
3) Save your menus, shopping lists etc to an Excel worksheet program if you have one, to prevent having to make grocery lists year after year. They are easy to change and can save hours of time.
4) Double up on your trips. We are all creatures of habits and one is making separate trips for everything. You will save not only your time but at the gas pump as well. This also works well around the house. Going to the mail box? Take the garbage with you. Headed to the garage to do laundry? Get meat out for tonight's dinner if your freezer is out there. 
5) Get in a good 30 to 45 minute workout each day. You will be amazed how much faster you zip through your work when you are in shape. This will also help you from putting on those unwanted pounds. Yes it means getting up 30 minutes earlier in the morning but your body will love you for the effort. There are several excellent workout videos out including a Boot Camp workout, a Salsa workout, Pilate tapes and some by "The Firm." A variety keeps you from getting bored with just one or two and the variations of exercise provide the best complete body workouts. You will stretch, work and invigorate every bone and muscle.
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Monday, December 10, 2007

The SWSWSWWNs of Cleaning part 1


   Please see prior blogs like 11/26/06 and 12/5/06 for my Holiday Cleaning Tips.  If you go back to most articles dated in November or December of any year, you are likely to find still more holiday cleaning tips. 

Are You Cleaning too Often? Not Enough? What is Just Right?

     This is a 2 part series called SWSWSWWN. It's a saying I learned with sales work. Some Will, Some Won't, So What, Who's Next. In sales it means some will buy, some won't buy, so what can you do to convert the "some who won't buy" then determine what's next? Stop to think about this catchy little phrase. Much of life revolves around this same principal including cleaning.

     Some will overkill on the cleanliness issue, some won't clean but the basics. Others say "so what, it's only going to get dirty again so why clean." So what's next?  Let's take a look at what might be over kill and what is under kill and how to find that even pace. 


Are You Not Cleaning Often Enough?


  Face it, If you spray paint your cobwebs orange and black at Halloween, then perhaps you might want to take a closer look at your cleaning schedule. Another good test is to run your fingernail along the bottom of the shower wall. If your fingernail turns white, that is soap residue buildup. It indicates one of two things: either your product isn't working or you aren't working.  


    The final check point is whether or not you turn on your ceiling fan. If you leave it off to avoid scattering the accumulated dust then your cleaning outlook needs some dusting. This type of buildup happens only because you are not cleaning effectively. These areas are avoided because time just doesn't permit the attention they need.


    Hang in there I am writing a short booklet that puts speed cleaning into the horse and buggy era. 


      You can keep your home clean with minimal effort and without over doing on the clean scene. Here is a general rule of thumb to follow to help determine a cleaning schedule suitable for you.


  1. Singles or couples with no pets, children or hobbies that create dust like woodworking can squeak by with an every other week cleaning.  I do recommend vacuuming carpets every week to prevent the buildup of damaging dust and dirt. The frequency of vacuuming depends on your individual circumstance.
  2. If children or pets are present in the home, then a weekly cleaning schedule including vacuuming, kitchen and damp mopping floors is necessary to keep the home clean. Dusting can be alternated with bathroom cleaning every other week to help with busy schedules.  
  3. Busy homes with several children or pets inside the home or those who live on farms, ranches or dusty roads need weekly maintenance and possibly twice a week.   

     People can become excessive with cleanliness and disinfect every surface each time it is used. I have known people who spray down their toilet seats every time they use it. That is excessive. If you have a spill or accident which produces bacteria like feces, urine, milk, raw meat, eggs etc then that surface must be disinfected every time. Otherwise regularly scheduled cleaning will keep your home in top shape, your sanity in check and keep the clutter away.


     Next issue we will talk about hidden dirt in the home and how to apply the SWSWSWWN to cleaning.      


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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Preparation For The Holidays 
Let's finish putting together that list of things to get done now for the holidays.

       1)      Wash the bedsheets and flip the mattress in any spare bedroom that will be used by guests. This is the time to pull the bed and dressers out in those rooms to thoroughly vacuum under and behind them as well as dust the baseboards. If a room is not to be used during the holidays clean it thoroughly then shut the door.

2)      Bring together all the stain removal products you may need into one spot. Include:

      A fresh bottle or two of hydrogen peroxide for red wine or punch stains

      A bottle of Nature's Miracle for any pet stains or accidents

      Foaming shaving cream for stains on fabric furniture

      Our CleanEz for most food stains

      Make sure you have a hair dryer and all white paper towels for removing candle wax. There are on candle wax preventions tips on my website.    

Removing Stains

     Be sure you print out my Stain Removal Guide from my website. For an even better guide pick up a copy of my book "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Cleaning" from my website or most bookstores. It is one of the most complete stain removal guides around plus it has a speed cleaning guide that will zip you through any cleaning chore fast!

3)      Now comes the tough but essential part to give you added time during the holidays. Make a commitment to run errands nor more than twice a week. It takes at least 30 to 40 minutes just driving to and from a store. Keep spare tape, paper, glue, screwdrivers and pliers within easy reach.

Stop The Dirt At The Door

4)      Buy a large size carpet sample to place at your front door. Carpet does a great job cleaning the bottom of shoes. Then put a non rubber backed throw rug just inside the door to catch what the carpet sample missed. Rubber backed throw rugs leave yellow stains on surfaces especially when they get wet. Make sure the throw rug is light in color otherwise the dye will seep into your carpet. Hold the throw rug in place with non skid padding you find in most department stores. It should not yellow like the rubbed backing on rugs.

5)      Get extra spray bottles from the hardware store and fill them with additional cleaners like Clean Ez that you use as an all purpose cleaner, our Benya or your window cleaner or heavy duty cleaner like Terra Plus. Keep these bottles filled so when messes arrive along with guests time is not  wasted filling bottles.


Do Your  Buying Early


6)      Purchase any napkins, paper cups, plastic silver ware paper table cloths etc you need for the entire holiday season. Stock up early on non perishable items to cut down shopping time later. Remember the lists I recommended writing out early? Get that list written and go shopping. This is also the time to shop for gifts for the baby sitter, house cleaner, children's teachers etc. Wrap them so they are ready to go. 


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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


  Get a head start on Holiday cleaning and preparation to save those last minute "how am I going to get this done" jitters.

    First look at my Oct 6th 2006 blog. It contains a delicious pie crust that makes two double crusted pies and freezes up to six months. I do not believe in eating pie crusts of this nature since they are deadly to your heart and veins but offer it for people who enjoy a good crust. 

      I strongly recommend fixing pie crusts made from live food like raw cashews, dates and agave syrup. They are sinful yet completely healthy. Please eat healthy this season J

Take Good Care of Your Wood  

     Grab our Wood Care and give your wood furniture and cabinets a head start on the winter. Heat dries wood so pampering your wood now will keep it healthy and happy while you celebrate the season.   

     Get your linens out and soak them in fresh hydrogen peroxide about 2 cups in a bathrub - to remove any yellowing. This works well for baptism gowns as well.

     This is the time to polish your silver and wash your holiday dishes

Make Your Holiday List

     Write out a list of what needs to be done and when. Check them off when you finish. While you sit at fall soccer and football games, address envelopes for your holiday cards if you purchased them at the end of season sales last year. Take along a notebook and write out dinner menus then make your grocery list.

     Compile a list of dishes that can be made ahead of time and frozen not only for guest meals but also for your dinners when time is tight. Most meals like stews freeze well for two to three months. I like freezing them in plastic bags (mark them on the front for the content, number of servings and date) and freeze the meal on a cookie sheet. Remove the cookie sheet when they are frozen. Bags take up less room in the freezer than containers and move into smaller spots if space is needed.

    Fall is also the time for cleaning windows and screens for the winter. Benya is the best streak free window cleaner you will ever use. Couple that with our lint free towels for spotless windows. You won't even be able to tell the glass is there. Plus it helps prevent fogging on bathroom mirrors and leaves a wonderful streak free shine on black faced appliances. Next use our Dry Sponge to quickly clean screens. Our CleanEz will remove grit and dirt around window sills and quickly removes most carpet stains besides being a remarkable all purpose cleaner.  Don't you love saving the space keeping dozens of products? The landfills love you for it as well.

     The trick to speed cleaning your way through not only the holiday season but any time is having products that work and fast. Ask any man – they know. They buy the best tools for the garage because they know when it comes to doing any job it is the quality of the tool that makes it easy. The same goes for cleaning tools. Stock up now on your favorite items before prices go up in Nov.

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Removing Red Dye or Red Wine Stains From Carpet   


    If your cat or dog leaves red stains in your carpet after eating, switch food. It's the red dye in their food that causes the problem. Dogs and cats are color blind. Switching to a neutral color food eliminates the problem.


      Remove red dye spots or red wine from carpet or clothing with a solution of 50% hydrogen peroxide to 50% water. *Always test a spot first for color fastness.* Blot the spot wait 15 minutes and rinse immediately with white vinegar and water.  Repeat if needed. Make sure your bottle of peroxide is fresh as old peroxide looses its fizzle.


*NOTE: Red dye stains are caused from dog or cat food, popsicles, Kool-Aid, punch or sodas.


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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Creative Edge
     People often ask me where I get so many ideas for using one tool to do a job for something entirely different. It is much like asking a craftsperson where they come up with ideas. Often times we get "stuck" in our thinking and see things only as they are and not allow the creative side of us to visualize other uses for an item.
     A broom to an adult is for sweeping but in the hands of a young child it can be a horse, the center pole of a "blanket" tent or a rail to line up dolls. Take the wire cubicals you put together in various shapes to hold anything from shoes to toys. Using two thin nails attach one to your bedroom wall. Decorate it with dried flowers or whatever hits your fancy and you have an excellent holding rack for earrings - if you have kept the earring holder. It will also hold your necklaces and scarves etc.
     I use them to dry my herbs by leaning one against a wall and looping herbs through the slots. Potatoes must have air circulating around them or they quickly rot so when I dug my potatoes this summer I placed the racks on top of  the cartons I get from vegitable farms. My spuds are content and holding up nicely. The rack provides that airing space and it was quite inexpensive.
     So get creative with things you have around your home. You will be surprised the number of uses you can find for things that were not designed for that job.
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Sunday, September 09, 2007

One of the recent RV rallies I attended had a "flea market" where the attendees brought in different items they could sell. Among them was an old book titled "They Used To Say." Originally published in 1890 by Household Cyclopedia it has not been updated but was brought back out again in 1983. This book has more old time wisdom than you could ever find on the Internet. Many of the cleaning products recommended I would no longer touch but their suggestion on your health cleaning, cooking and general home care are priceless.
I have always known Borax was a good cleaner but here is a list of things it will do:
1) Softens hard water for washing clothes and whitens them without caustic bleach.
2) Soak your linens and lace tablecloths in it to remove any yellowing.
3) Make a paste and put over fruit or vegitable stains on tablecloths or clothing.
4) Clean your pots and pans to get them really shiny.
5) Soak your silver in a hot solution of it so you don't "cleanse it laboriously half so often."
6) Remove finger marks and dirt from wood-work.
Mary's Tip: Mix 1/2 cup Borax and a small amount of CleanEz in a bucket of warm water. Clean your awnings and patio furniture before putting them away for the winter.
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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Fall Cleaning Tips     
    Be sure to pick up a copy of Woman's Day magazine Sept 12th issue that is now at the stores. They have a wonderful article called "Our 50 All-Time Top Tips." Yours truly is in the magazine with several of my tips.  

Dirt on clothing left hanging in a closet

     Recently a woman wrote in asking how to get rid of the "dirt" marks that collected along the top of a few garments that had been hanging in the closet for several years. She had lost weight and now fit back into these clothes and was elated to be able to wear them again. Only they live in a dusty area and the shirts and blouses gathered dirt along the area where they came in contact with the hanger.  

     She purchased a bottle of my CleanEz and away went the dirt along with the soap residue on her shower walls a several stains in her carpet.

Storing Clothing   

    If you are going to be storing clothing for any length of time, it is far easier and safer to purchase the "space bags" that you find in places like Bed Bath and Beyond. Easy to use, the clothes can be stored without worry of bugs or dirt getting into the bag. Use them for storing little used or seasonal items such as Christmas and Thanksgiving linens. They fit quite nicely under a bed to stretch storage space.  

Fall Cleaning Tips

    Fall is the best time to do those cleaning chores we all tend to ignore. Next time you shower remove the shower curtains and toss them into the washer with the floor mat or a few towels. The towels or mat will help "scrub" them. Dry by simply hanging them back up.

    Remove your bed spread or cover then launder it along with the mattress cover if it can be laundered – do read the directions. They collect dust and dust mites. Dry the bed spread until it is about half dry then finish outdoors draped over your outdoor furniture or a fence. That fresh outdoor smell will linger a long time.  Vacuum the mattress after removing the cover. This is an excellent time to flip the mattress and then pull the bed out to thoroughly vacuum under the bed. Yes we all tend to ignore this part of our housecleaning including myself. Yet we spend more of our time on our beds than on any other piece of furniture in our homes.

     Remember it is wise to flip or turn your mattress each time you wash your sheets. I know the manufactures say to do this monthly maybe for the first six or seven months but for long wear, flip and turn each time you wash sheets.

Clean your Curtains and Drapes    

     Next on your list is to remove your curtains and launder them if they can be washed. If they are dry clean only and don't need cleaning grab a friend or spouse and take them outside for a good old fashioned shake down. You will be amazed the amount of dust that comes flying from the crevices and corners.  

     Now that you have pulled the furniture away from the wall to remove the curtains it provides a wonderful opportunity to run one of our dry sponges along the baseboards to clean both the baseboards and edge of the carpet. I know you vacuum this area regularly but a vacuum just does not collect all the dirt in the crevice between the baseboard and carpet.

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Monday, July 09, 2007

Dusting Furniture
Dusting never was one of my favorite cleaning activities until one day I had a cotton tube sock pulled over my hand darning the thing. It dawned on me that it might be a nifty dusting tool. So off I went - well the sock had a hole in it and really wouldn't a new sock be better? This was so much easier and faster. The sock left no lint either. Please make sure the sock is clean! The sock made fast work of our wooden blinds as well.
For those of you who love dust cloths, we are now carrying the wonderful 100% cotton diaper material. It is lint free, and works as remarkably well applying wax to cars as it does to polishing silver. It is not on our website yet so order the Swifter towels - I'll send you one free and in the comment section ask for the cotton diaper material. They are $2.50 each or 5 for $10.
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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Tackling cobwebs
When you are cleaning your home tuck a one and one-half inch paintbrush into your back pocket. Outside of my mop for removing those remarkable works of art designed by our spider friends from the ceilings, a paintbush is the handiest tool for catching the webs around door hinges, windows and dusting into the nooks and crannies I often miss mostly because I'm busy in the garden and if I don't see the dirt I don't clean it. Best way to clean a room is to walk in and sweep it with a glance!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dirt Buster
   Dirt under your fingernails that is after you have been out in the yard or garden. That dirt stuck under your fingernails can be a bit more than troublesome to remove. Set your pressure washer to a strong stream and aim underneath your fingernails. It blows the dirt right out of there. Now remember my tips about cutting off the bottom half of a pair of ruined panty hose. Slide a soap sliver down into the toe part and tie the whole thing around the faucet. It's so much easier to wash your hands outside than having to clean your sink as well as your hands inside.
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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cleaning vinyl boat seats
     I'm going to veer off my usual home cleaning tips and get into some boat cleaning tips for my boating enthusiasts due to the numerous questions being asked about vinyl seat stains. Actually this applies to anyone with vinyl seats whether in your car, truck, RV or boat, whatever and where ever.

    Remember "one" of my main rules on cleaning and care of anything is prevention. Stains become tremendously more difficult to remove when vinyl or leather is allowed to become dry. Dryness eventually leads to cracking, which leads to expensive replacement.

     You must be apply a leather/vinyl conditioner to any leather or vinyl seat, chair or couch at least twice a year and boat seats three to four times a year. This is especially important for boat seats that tend to become moldy and dry more quickly due to exposure to the elements.

     Just remember after you remove a stain if you are using a general cleaner or something I recommend below, you must condition the seats afterwards or they will dry which will only lead to more difficulty later in cleaning them.   

     Some common boat stains involve: tree sap or leaves from trees; swimsuits or towels that have left a dye on the seats; spilled drinks, grease or oil and mold or mildew.    

1)      For tree sap or leaves; grease and oil including fried food or Fido's slobbering on the seats and heavy dirt. Usually most of these stains can be removed with foaming tub and tile cleaner either that made by Lysol or Dow. No I do not like this stuff in the shower or bathroom. It's completely useless there and an expensive way to clean. But for some reason those little foaming bubbles seem to remove these kinds of dirt and grime.

If you are dealing with oil or grease from perhaps your engine then try a foaming shaving cream. The gel won't work but sometimes the 3 kinds of alcohol in the foaming shaving cream will zap that stuff off without damaging the vinyl.

2)      Dye from swimsuits, towels, red dye from food or drinks: I don't know that these stains will come out. Try pouring some baking soda on the stain then spraying that with hydrogen peroxide – a fresh bottle please. It will bubble and fizzle which helps sometimes to remove a stain. Do not leave this on longer than 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly. If that does not remove the stain leave it alone as anything else strong enough to remove the stain will "burn" the vinyl.

3)      Mold and mildew: My CleanEz will kill mold and mildew to prevent it from worsening. However, once mold or mildew has been allowed to get a strong hold in either vinyl or leather, the stain itself usually will not come out. Try the method in #2 but I doubt if you can remove the stain. 

4)      Dirt and grime: Try a foaming tub and tile cleaner then condition with Leather/Vinyl Care is the best you can buy for cleaning and conditioning vinyl or leather.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                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