Wednesday, October 31, 2007


  Get a head start on Holiday cleaning and preparation to save those last minute "how am I going to get this done" jitters.

    First look at my Oct 6th 2006 blog. It contains a delicious pie crust that makes two double crusted pies and freezes up to six months. I do not believe in eating pie crusts of this nature since they are deadly to your heart and veins but offer it for people who enjoy a good crust. 

      I strongly recommend fixing pie crusts made from live food like raw cashews, dates and agave syrup. They are sinful yet completely healthy. Please eat healthy this season J

Take Good Care of Your Wood  

     Grab our Wood Care and give your wood furniture and cabinets a head start on the winter. Heat dries wood so pampering your wood now will keep it healthy and happy while you celebrate the season.   

     Get your linens out and soak them in fresh hydrogen peroxide about 2 cups in a bathrub - to remove any yellowing. This works well for baptism gowns as well.

     This is the time to polish your silver and wash your holiday dishes

Make Your Holiday List

     Write out a list of what needs to be done and when. Check them off when you finish. While you sit at fall soccer and football games, address envelopes for your holiday cards if you purchased them at the end of season sales last year. Take along a notebook and write out dinner menus then make your grocery list.

     Compile a list of dishes that can be made ahead of time and frozen not only for guest meals but also for your dinners when time is tight. Most meals like stews freeze well for two to three months. I like freezing them in plastic bags (mark them on the front for the content, number of servings and date) and freeze the meal on a cookie sheet. Remove the cookie sheet when they are frozen. Bags take up less room in the freezer than containers and move into smaller spots if space is needed.

    Fall is also the time for cleaning windows and screens for the winter. Benya is the best streak free window cleaner you will ever use. Couple that with our lint free towels for spotless windows. You won't even be able to tell the glass is there. Plus it helps prevent fogging on bathroom mirrors and leaves a wonderful streak free shine on black faced appliances. Next use our Dry Sponge to quickly clean screens. Our CleanEz will remove grit and dirt around window sills and quickly removes most carpet stains besides being a remarkable all purpose cleaner.  Don't you love saving the space keeping dozens of products? The landfills love you for it as well.

     The trick to speed cleaning your way through not only the holiday season but any time is having products that work and fast. Ask any man – they know. They buy the best tools for the garage because they know when it comes to doing any job it is the quality of the tool that makes it easy. The same goes for cleaning tools. Stock up now on your favorite items before prices go up in Nov.

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