Monday, December 05, 2011

Prevent Holiday Disasters

     Recently I was recently a guest on the Martha Stewart Living Radio Program, which is always a pleasure. As we discussed removing holiday stains, the listening audience decided to play “stump the expert.” Let’s discuss a few suggestions to prevent accidents and stains during the holidays.

1) Avoid serving salads and drinks that contain red, orange, purple or green food colorings. If temptation draws you like a warm winter fire, keep a fresh bottle of hydrogen peroxide handy. Mix it 50/50 with water in spray bottle. Fill a second bottle with 1 part distilled white vinegar and 4 parts water. Spray red wine or food dye stains immediately with the peroxide/water mixture. Let it set 5 minutes then rinse with the vinegar/water solution to neutralize the effects of peroxide. Persian, silk or wool carpets or area rugs should be professionally cleaned.
2) Clean the chimneys and flues to prevent fires.
3) Don’t over look cleaning the furnace ducts as they have also been know to catch fire.
4) Always place a holder under candles. Never move a burning candle or one that has just been blown out. Hot wax leaves a nasty 3rd degree burn and stains that resist removal.
5) Keep a current fire extinguisher close at hand. Know how to use it! Any extinguisher more than 4 years old should be examined to make sure it’s in working condition.
6) Purchase a couple of white plastic table cloths if pets or young children are coming to dinner. Place them upside down on beds, furniture or the floor where they will be sleeping, playing or sitting. The fuzzy side helps catch spills or accidents and the plastic side prevents the liquid from absorbing into the surface. Purchase a bottle of Nature’s Miracle at the pet store to remove urine odor and stain from any surface – safely without toxic chemicals. Dilute my concentrated CleanEz to remove the rest of the stains like food, grease, oil and dirt.
7) Keep a lid on the counter to place over a pan should it catch fire. Tuck a bag of wet terry towels in a plastic bag under the kitchen sink. They put out kitchen fires faster than baking soda and quickly clean up spills.
8) You’ll find Mary Moppins mop to be one of the handiest gadgets not only for the holidays but year round. My mops use ordinary terry towels to mop floors or dust cobwebs or even dry off RVs or boats. They last for years to save hundreds of dollars buying mop head replacements. Why not give yourself or someone else the gift of time this year? They cut cleaning time up to 80%!

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Virus

     There is a new virus going around. I received an email from ICI Investments last night saying I was going to be sued for sending unwanted emails. There was an attachment so I felt it was a virus. To make sure I emailed ICI from their website. They responded this morning that it was a virus and are going to take action against the sender for using their company name illegally. No matter how threatening or inviting an email looks do not open these attachments or the email. Delete them immediately.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Go Green for Fall Cleaning 

     Dust mites thrive in damp dusty areas especially humid climates. If you suffer from headaches, sinus or bronchial congestion then it’s time to send these little bugs packing. More time is spent in the bedroom than any other single room of the home.

     Yes it is important to declutter the bedroom, I’ll cover that in my next post, only right now the weather in most areas are ideal to haul the mattress outside for a good old fashioned cleaning. My prayers to those caught in the wildfires or in the path of the East Coast storm.

     Mattresses are the favorite hiding spot of dust mites. If possible take the mattress to the back patio, lean it against the house and pound it good with a broom like Grandma used to do on the farm. Wear a face mask as the dust does fly.

     Vacuuming helps, only it can’t reach the inner sanctions of a mattress. I often read to wrap mattresses in plastic only that means breathing in the toxic fumes all night from the dozens of chemicals that comprise plastic. Rather, enclose the mattress with a thick cotton spread then launder it frequently. Breathing chemicals eight hours a night can contributes to toxic bioaccumulation in the body especially the lungs, sinuses and nasal cavities.

     Air out your mattress while you pull out the frame of the bed, dust it, clean the baseboards and thoroughly vacuum. Then pull out dressers and clean behind them as well.

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Fall Green Cleaning

     This morning I spoke on Martha Steward living radio program about greening your fall cleaning. Since I’m way behind in my blog posts due to a hectic summer and early fall, I’m going to start by posting tips for fall green cleaning. Let’s start fall cleanup by airing out your home to rid it of toxins that build up inside the home.

     Open the back door or one window if you live in an apartment. Aim a fan so the breeze blows out the door or window. Open windows on the opposite side of your home. The fan pulls fresh air through the open windows and circulates it through the home to move stale musty air out either the door or window.

     Air fresheners should be removed and disposed of properly. They work by numbing your sinuses, which leads to sinus congestion, headaches and polyps. If you like a light scent in your home, place a cinnamon stick in a plant, many of which help remove toxins from the air. Pick up a copy of my book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Green Cleaning for more ideas to improve indoor air quality.

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Back to Cleaning

     The past few months have been busy ones with successful trade show presentations as well as articles being submitted to magazines. My blog posts will pick up once again and yes I'll cover ways to pick up the clutter and organize your home, office, RV and the boat as well.

   To start though there is a wonderful website called These ladies are so energetic and totally love what they are doing to help families especially those with young children. Check out their latest post about my company, Mary Moppins at Stay tuned for more cleaning tips. I'm on another roll to clean up our Earth! Mary Findley

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Online Radio Interview
Want to learn more about Mary's book The Complete Idiot's Guide to Green Cleaning? Listen to her radio broadcast with Don McCauley all day today May 24, 2011 at

Friday, May 06, 2011

What Cookware is Best to Use    

     My inbox has seen a recent barrage of questions about what cookware is best and safest to use. Back when I peddled my mops at home shows, I often sold other products one of which was stainless steel cookware. One show was in Boise, Idaho where I sold a set of cookware to a man who worked for a chemical testing company. He had just finished testing various cookwares for the amount of toxins they emitted.  

     Toxic fumes from coated cookware: His tests were astonishing even as familiar as I was with the various cookwares. Common sense tells you that when heat is applied to a chemical, fumes are going to be emitted. His tests showed this to be true of the various coated cookware. Coated cookware emits higher levels of toxic fumes than any other cookware.

     Caste iron was burdened with bacteria. It is porous so food particles, grease and oil bake into the pans making it a haven for bacteria. Although he is not a doctor he expressed concern about caste iron causing intestinal distress.    

     His said copper cookware emits more fumes than stainless steel and to make certain the interior of copper cookware is lined with stainless steel. Otherwise excess copper cooks into the food and can become over abundant in the body.  

     Glass cookware is fine for cooking and generally used to cook vegetables or bake but rarely advised for frying.

      Anodized cookware should also be avoided. He told me that this cookware is aluminum or an alloy and is treated in a chemical bath of electrolytes like sulfuric acid. An electrical current is then run through the bath to bake it onto the aluminum. Although only minor amounts of sulfuric acid seep into food and thus into the body, but it does build up in the body and cause various health issues down the road. It also emits fumes.

     His tests showed that stainless steel cookware emits the least amount of fumes into the air and food. Stainless steel of itself is not a good conductor of heat. Make certain your cookware has an aluminum or caste iron disc on the bottom for rapid heating and it is housed between layers of stainless steel. The sides likewise should have a layer of aluminum for even cooking.

     Keep checking my blog over the next week for tips on how to clean your cookware. 

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Four Tips to Increase Gas Mileage

     Gas prices are soaring once again. Follow these few suggestions to gain an extra 2 miles per gallon of gas.

1) Keep tires properly inflated. Low tires decreases gas mileage. This is well known yet it's surprising the number of people who overlook their tire pressure. Tires pressure tends to change between seasons so check your tires at the change of seasons. 

2) This is tuff but leave 10 minutes early and drive 5 mph under the speed limit adding 1 mpg to your mileage.

3) Keep vehicles clean and use a good protectant like Advantage. Dirt causes drag on a vehicle decreasing gas mileage. A protectant is made with polymers and makes a surface slick decreasing tension on the surface of a vehicle. Carnauba wax products do not make a surface slick and one of the reasons I had Advantage formulated with polymers.

4) Finally change the oil and keep air filters clean. These steps can add 2 plus miles per gallon or 20 to 24 more miles per tank of gas.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

     Have some fun and spring into cleaning by following my Tweet Chat this Thursday 11 AM Central Time and 9AM Pacific Time. Go to then log into your account. Where you see the # sign type in AskCIG. It will take you to the Tweet sponsored by Alpha Books & WIlkes Communication. Alpha are the publishers for my book "The Complete Idiots Guide to Green Cleaning, which is available on my website or bookstores, Amazon etc. If you get your copy through me, you receive a signed copy plus one of my Swifter towels that are so handy for quick wipes. 
     Bring your cleaning questions and ask away. Just be sure to end each question with a space then #AskCIG so your question goes to the right Tweet. See you there!
Mary Findley owner of Mary Moppins

Monday, March 14, 2011

     Spring Cleaning
Where do I Start?

     My last newsletter encouraged you to pull the plug on clutter and gave short easy ways to get rid of it. Now you are ready to tackle the spring cleaning. Pick up a copy of my book “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Green Cleaning.” It takes you through my Precision Cleaning methods with room by room speed cleaning directions along with a multitude of helpful green cleaning tips. For those who buy my book through my website by mid-April and want a copy of my booklet for cleaning RVs “Whistle While You Work*Three," the cost for “Whistle” will be reduced another dollar making it $3 rather than $4 on sale. The price will be changed before your card is billed.

      Clean the closets. What a great feeling to start on spring cleaning by doing the small stuff like baseboards and dusting door frames. Only I tend to put off the more time consuming chores for next year. Five years has gone by and my door frames are clean while my closets hide dust bunnies.

      This year takcle the closets first and do one per weekend. Start by sorting through clothes hanging on the rod. Any ill-fitting or clothes that haven't been tried on for the past three years get the boot. If they are keepers then store them in plastic stackable containers with tight fitting lids so the moths can't get to them. The rest either go to Goodwill or a garage sale. 

     Next clear the top shelf. A towel sprayed with diluted all purpose cleaner, CleanEz, makes short work of cleaning the shelves. If you suspect a mold problem anywhere in your closet, first clean the surface with CleanEz then straight food grade distilled white vinegar. Let that set an hour or two so the vinegar has time to kill the mold. Then wipe the shelves with hydrogen peroxide. Get a fresh bottle from the store. Peroxide more than six months old has lost its fizzle. Do not mix peroxide and vinegar together as they neutralize the effect of each other.

     Return the boxes and haul things out of the bottom of the closet. Use your terry towel sprayed with CleanEz and wipe the baseboards and carpet close to the baseboards. Separate any items you haven’t used in some time. Vacuum the floor and replace the keeper items.

     Should you smell mold or mildew on the floor, pull the carpet away from the wall and spray the floor boards and carpet backing as mentioned above. Janitorial supply companies also carry good mold and mildew retardants. Make sure it does not contain bleach and ask for the MSDS sheet. Read the MSDS (material safety data sheet) looking for any caustic chemicals or any number ratings over a “1.” That is why I stick to vinegar and peroxide. They are safe to use.

     If mold or mildew is problamatic, find the source of the problem. Mold and mildew only grow where moisture is present. You must find the source of the moisture. In areas of high humidity a whole house dehumidifier helps. Store items kept on the floor on open shelves so air can circulate to help keep the carpet dry.

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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

     Clutter - An Easy Way to Banish It


     Many areas of our country are still covered with snow and ice with people cuddled close to a warm fire. The dead of winter is the best time to tackle 'spring' cleaning chores when you aren't yearning to be outdoors. How far did you get on my 'to do' list from my early January post?


     In that newsletter I suggested listing everything in your home that needs cleaning to help you organize your priorities and double as a checklist. I encouraged you to pick up the clutter but didn't go into detail as to how to accomplish that task.


     So let's talk about ways to declutter your home. I have a feeling many of you, like me, have been pouring over spring seed and flower catalogs rather than tending to spring cleaning.    


    Separate and Conquer: Without a doubt you have read other articles that suggest making two piles. One pile of clutter goes either to Goodwill or as garage sale items and the other needs to find a proper place in your home. Only I've changed that to only one pile, which is the pile for either Goodwill or a garage sale. Why one pile? Because you will immediately put away those items you want to keep. Ah, now you know why I encouraged you to clean out the closets and cabinets first. It gives you room to store the things you want to keep.     


     The easiest way to de-clutter is to never leave a room empty handed. Yes picking up the entire room at one time is ideal, but time generally doesn't permit this luxury. Grab an armload of 'stuff' and decide immediately if it goes to you one pile or is to be saved. If the item is to be saved then put it away immediately, without stopping to answer the phone or attend to other distractions. It's amazing how quickly the clutter will vanish.  


     If the pile has been up against a wall, grab your Mary Moppins Mop and your diluted bottle of CleanEz. Spray a terry towel with CleanEz, clean the wall and dust the baseboards. Spray the carpet lightly with a 50/50 solution of distilled white vinegar to water. Allow the spray a few minutes to dry then vacuum. Vinegar freshens the carpet and is not toxic like most carpet fresheners. It's also far less expensive. If you want a scent in the carpet then add a few pieces of the pith from an orange or lemon.           


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Saturday, January 08, 2011


     Remember how I encourage you to walk through your home with pen and paper in tow and list everything that needed to be cleaned? Then to list those chores into a time schedule with weekly must do, bimonthly cleanings, quarterly and yearly jobs? Oops it’s still not done huh? It takes about 30 minutes to complete a “tour de dust” and get your list typed out on your word processor.

     Right now is a quiet time for most households. Christmas or Hanukah and other spiritual celebrations have come to a close. Decorations have been tucked away and it’s time to grab the rag bag.

     To make things easier, I’ll skip cleaning a room in my home each week. When I have larger tasks to do like treating the cabinets I'll skip the guest bedroom or formal dining room to give me time to tackle these chores. 

     First on your to do list is to condtions your woodwork including doors, window sills and cabinets. Winter air and wood stoves dry wood. Then comes the intense rays of the sun in summer all of which contribute to dry, cracked cabinets and wood furniture. Our Wood Care does an excellent job conditioning all your wood furniture and cabinets. Painted cabinets or antique furniture with the original black lacquer finish are the exceptios.

     NOTE: If you have been using a product like End Dust, Pledge or Old English do not switch products. These products contain chemicals when combined with other products can leave a sticky residue on furniture. Other products like Guardsman, Orange Glo etc are just fine when used Wood Care.

     The next several posts will cover more winter time cleaning chores. Don't wait till spring when the weather is nice and you want to be outdoors to tackle spring cleaning. Switch to winter cleaning and I bet these jobs get finished. 

This article may only be reprinted giving full credit to Mary Findley and her website Copyright @2011 all rights reserved world wide.