Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cleaning Tips Gone Astray
     A well known cleaning expert listed ideas to avoid cleaning chores. Some of the ill-thought suggestions upset me. One tip was to keep your windows closed to prevent the dust from entering your home. This supposedly reduces the number of times per month you need to dust. It is a well known fact that women who stay home or people who work in their home, have higher rates of cancer than do people who work outside the home. Why? Because in the confines of a smaller area of the home the buildup of toxic fumes multiplies. Take carpet for instance. It contains over 100 chemicals. Add those fumes to what off gasses from the adhesive in flooring, cabinets, furniture and bedding and you have a toxic cocktail waiting to happen.
     Purchasing plants that absorb these toxic fumes helps, but the best way to release these fumes is to open the doors and windows several times a week so they can escape. For the sake of your health, give cleaning tip suggestions thorough consideration before implementing them. You will never regret that hour a week dusting if it helps prevent a life with cancer. Now pick up a copy of my book "The Complete Idiots Guide to Green Cleaning." You will learn all my tips for cleaning thoroughly yet rapidly. It teaches you how to: improve the quality of your indoor air, how to speed clean like the pros along with a host of preventive measures you can take that reduce cleaning time. 
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