Friday, August 27, 2010

More on Cleaning Schedule
     Many thanks Foxyenglishcrafter for your story on what happened to your life when you abandoned your cleaning schedule. My thoughts are with you as you re-establish that balance you once knew. It is amazing how quickly other areas of your life begin to slide when just one area is allowed to become lax. I too have struggled with lapses in both my professional and personal life. And I found a tremendous peace and power when I regathered and returned to balance. Please Foxyenglishcrafter keep us posted on your progress. 
     If you have not read her story, go to "Comments" on the right side of my blog and read her story and let it catapult you into writing down then working your own schedule. Post your story, your successes and your problem areas. I want this blog to be a community of sharing, where we support each other through encouragement, trust, ideas, laughter and camaraderie.
     Have you started writing a cleaning schedule yet? Well why are you sitting there reading this post? Get busy then share with us. 
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