Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Short Cuts to Difficult Cleaning Chores


     Here are some short cleaning tips that will save you time with some of the more time consuming cleaning chores. .  

    *  Long thin bottle brushes quickly clean the inside of  toasters and refrigerator coils. Remember if your refrigerator has coils running along the bottom, you must rent an air compressor twice a year to blow the dust off those coils or face expensive repair or replacement.  

   *  Mary Moppins dry sponge does a faster job than vacuuming when it comes to cleaning fabric pleated window shades, window screens or pet hair off fabric furniture.

   * Grab a 1 inch paint brush to quickly dust cobwebs, grit and dirt from around window frames, over the top of cornices or along door hinges. Dip a sponge paint brush in our CleanEz or your all purpose cleaner to remove mold and grime in widow frames.

    * If you see streaks coming down from the holes in your toilet, Pour 2 cups of food grade distilled white vinegar in the tank before retiring. The next morning turn off the valve at the back of the toilet and flush to remove the water. Then scrub with a baking soda and vinegar combination and a green scrub pad you find at the grocery store. This is a great time to replace worn out parts.

    * For streak free windows give our Benya a try. Please do not use paper towels or newspaper to clean windows. They are made from paper pulp, which can scratch glass. Recycle your paper and save a few thousand trees. Use lint free towels instead like old cotton tee shirts or Mary Moppins lint free towels. Microfiber towels are safe for glass. However, good ain't cheap and cheap ain't good. Get the good microfiber towels. The cheap stuff doesn't work and will only frustrate you.

NOTE: Our ready to use Benya is on sale as long as it lasts. Our concentrated Benya is coming soon

   * Copper polish: Mix your own copper polish (tomato sauce is expensive) by mixing equal parts of water, food grade distilled white vinegar and salt. Remove tarnish with toothpaste.

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