Tuesday, January 20, 2009

    The next few posts are geared to get you ahead of regular spring cleaning jobs. These are the deep cleaning areas that need yearly attention. Yes the ones we all tend to ignore. Remember to do all your cleaning with organic green cleaners and tools. Be sure to read my website for my warnings about the use of microfiber. It is on the floor care section. http://www.goclean.com/floorcareguide.htm. This "environmentally" friendly cleaning cloth and mop has a nasty side.
Here is the first spring cleaning chore to tackle:
    Trust me after cleaning homes for 12 years, I've figured out every possible trick to put off deep cleaning my home. Unless you like dust mites and the ailments that accompany them, get thyself geared up for the tough stuff.  

     First up - tackle the kitchen cabinets. Sorry I'm the President of the Procrastinator's Club and it's time to tackle this job. Don't try getting by with cleaning a few cabinets now with the promise you will finish them next weekend. When was the last time you finished one of these jobs after doing only half of it? Well, I didn't finish it either. Set aside the time and clean them all at once. Kids love to pull things out of cabinets so let them help. Older children can wipe down shelves. 

     Pull everything off one shelf then wipe it down. Toss anything if it's so old you don't remember when you bought it or it's past the expiration date. Discard cans with visible signs of rust, or bulging ends. Open your spice bottles. If you can't smell the spice, it's not going to flavor a thing. Keep the bottle, dump the contents then head to an organic store and buy bulk spices to refill the bottles. Bulk is far cheaper and organic herbs have a hefty flavor so you use less. I grow and dry all my own herbs. Their aroma and flavor is unsurpassed.  Plant one sweet basil plant this spring and I promise you'll find space for a dozen herb plants next year.   

    When you finish the shelves, wipe down the doors with our Wood Care. It gives wood a luster and conditions it to prevent cracking.  It even revives bathroom cabinets that have grayed from steamy showers plus it covers over scratches and water marks on furniture.

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