Saturday, October 06, 2012

     Speed Clean the Kitchen Part II    

     Hopefully your kitchen drain is free of smells and dirt no longer clings to the refrigerator coils. Are you ready to tackle the rest of the kitchen? Well grab a couple of terry towels, your diluted bottle of CleanEz  or Benya  and let’s tackle the rest of the kitchen.

      Finding time to clean the entire kitchen at one time can tax some folks as it often takes as long to clean the kitchen as it does the remainder of the home. Tackle these ‘bog ya down’ jobs separately and you’ll zip through the rest of the kitchen. Tuck a diluted bottle of CleanEz under the sink along with a terry towel. Every night after dinner grab the CleanEz  and the towel then clean one shelf or drawer of the refrigerator before tucking away leftovers. By the end of the week your fridge is clean saving time on precious weekends.

     Various counter tops require different cleaners. CleanEz works great on Formica type counters. Cleaners like CleanEz, Simple Green, 409 etc should never be used on tile, marble, granite and Corian or composite counters. Eventually they etch the finish, dull shine and attack your wallet repairing the damage. Benya  is an excellent choice for these surfaces. 

     The night before cleaning the kitchen, tuck items on the counter top into drawers or cabinets. If you haven’t already, watch my speed cleaning video <> . It’s the last video.

 Here are the Precision Cleaning steps to take in the kitchen:

1)      Fill a coffee cup half full with water and nuke in the microwave for 3 minutes on high to steam and soften any stuck on food.

 2)      Grab the toaster, pull out the crumb shelf and dump the contents then wipe the toaster.

 3)      Put a rubber mat on the bottom of the sink and fill it with hot soapy water. Start soaking the stove grills and pans. Those of you with flat stove tops get to ignore this step. On the flat top stoves pour a bit of hot water with a squirt of dish soap on any dried on dirt and let it soak.

4)      Start at the left side of the kitchen. Pour CleanEz or Benya onto a cloth. The right hand will grab this cloth to clean the counters while the left hand follows with a dry towel. Follow the video and wipe your way around the kitchen. Re-dampen the towel when needed.

5)      Use the damp towel to clean around the door and inside lip of the dishwasher. It will probably be necessary to spray the knobs to remove dust collected there.

 6)      Next wipe the outside of the microwave and turn your attention to the inside. The food has softened from the steaming coffee cup of water so wipe it down. Since the microwave can have some dirt, I usually use a third towel to wipe it down to prevent the crumbs from getting wiped over counter tops.

7)       It’s stove time. Clean the soaking grates with a 0000 steel wool pad and scrub the pans. Turn them upside down on a dish towel to dry as you attack the stove. Whether your stove is flat or has the grates, spray the top and let that set a bit while you wipe down the front.

8)      Sprinkle a bit of baking soda in the sink, scrub rinse and dry. Except for the floors, which were covered in an earlier ezine, the kitchen is done. The floor article is on my blog, which can be accessed from the front page of my website.   
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