Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Removing Wax from Carpets

Cleaning wax from carpets takes time and dilligence yet can be avoided with a few easy precautions:
1) Don't move a lit candle or one that has just been extinquished
2) Leaving a lit candle burning near any kind of flamable material will cause a fire. They do not belong on window sills, near lamps or walls or on top of covered tables.
3) Always place a holder under all candles whether or not they are in glass containers.

Remove candle wax safely from carpet:
1) Freeze the wax with ice cubes placed in a zip loc bag
2) Chip off what you can with a blunt knife
3) Grab an all white paper towel and a hair dryer
a) most cleaning experts recommend an iron. Use an iron only if you like brown scorch marks in your carpet.
4) Begin heating the the wax with the dryer set on medium to high heat.
5) Blot the wax as it melts with the paper towel.
6) If you insist on burning red candles please don't email me asking me how to remove the red dye from the carpet. Heat sets a stain and that red dye is permanently heated into your carpet. If you burn red candles put them up where little ones and guests can't move them.

This article may only be used giving full credit to Mary Findley, owner of Mary Moppins and using her website www.goclean.com