Friday, December 21, 2007

Last Minute Holiday Checklist
NOW IS THE TIME to check for any last minute items you may have overlooked for your holiday entertaining.
1) Is your bottle of hydrogen peroxide fresh? If peroxide is more than four or five months old it will not work to remove red dye or red wine stains. Please don't pour white wine in your carpet to get rid of red wine stains unless you want an army of ants parading across your carpet. See my stain removal guide for instructions. Print it out and keep it handy.
2) Have you planned to have punch that contains something other than red, purple or orange colors? The dye from those colors is quite difficult to remove.
3) Do you have a trash can for each room of the house where guests will linger?
4) What about candles? Are there coasters that will go under each of them?
5) Is your bottle of all purpose cleaner filled and handy under the kitchen sink along with a few towels for quick clean ups?
6) Have you cleaned out your chimney or wood stove pipes?
7) Are there plenty of extra coasters for glasses, plates and anything that might be hot?
8) Have you taken time for a long hot bath?
This article may only be rewritten with reference to Mary Findley, owner of Mary Moppins and her website