Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Dirty Side of Lawn Work 


 In some parts of the country Spring may not come for another 5 months but for those who have dug out of the snow and frozen pipes you now have spring yard cleanup to start. As common with most gardeners, you start a project and find a dozen others that need immediate attention. This means washing your hands between jobs.


A handy trick for cleaning hands outside: Take an old pair of panty hose, cut off above the knee and slide your soap slivers into the toe part. Tie the top end around an outdoor faucet for an easy way to wash hands outside. The panty part makes an excellent polishing cloth for shoes. Old panty hose also make wonderful tomato stake ties.  For you men who don't wear panty hose, several layers of cheese cloth work just as well just make sure it's long enough to tie around the faucet. Rubber-band the cheese cloth just above the soap to prevent it from falling out.