Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Green, spring cleaning. If you have been a regular reader of my blog, you have freed your home of toxic chemicals and beauty products right? RIGHT? If not scroll down and find where I give you suggestions on what rooms to scavange for toxins and how to spot them. Please for your sake, take this small step to improve your health, that of your family and our Mother Earth. Together our small actions speak volumes.
This next series starts tackling the smaller spring cleaning jobs. No you may not ignore cleaning the tough stuff I talked about in my last several blogs.
First step) While you have the ladder out to change the batteries in your Co2 and fire alarm take that time to thoroughly clean ceiling fans and light fixtures. Most people use some kind of bendable duster to remove the surface dust from ceiling fan blades. That works well but once or twice a year you must wipe them down with a good wood cleaner and conditioner. If you are looking for a completely natural yet effective wood cleaing and conditioning product then take a look at our Wood Care. It even covers scratches, most water marks and cabinets that have dulled from the steam in bathrooms.
How long has it been since you removed the base of the fan and thoroughly cleaned the motor housing? This one measure -It only takes minutes - adds years of life to your fan.
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