Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spring Cleaning Your Car
     Spring may be a month away yet for many Midwest or Eastern states. When the next warm day comes your way be ready to do that all important spring cleaning and inspection of your car. Dirt, salt, sand, ice and snow all take their toll on the exterior of your vehicle. Here are a few tips to keep in mind so your car doesn't melt away with the last spring thaw. For more detailed information visit my website at Click on the car, RV or boat for further discussions. 
Check weather-stripping: Inspect weatherstripping around windows for any mold, cracks or brittleness and replace them if needed. Silicone will help water bead away rather than seeping into the window. However do not use a silicone spray. Look for a libricant and wipe on with a cotton swab. A silicone spray will drift onto the windshield and the car itself. Silicone is very difficult to remove and leaves a film. That film can cause visual problems.
Check the underside for rust. Use a high intensity trebel light to check the underneath of your car. Sand, salt and ice do cause damage. Unless you work on cars, take your vehicle to a mechanic for repair. Look for rust issues on brakes, clamps, tailpipes or holes forming on mufflers. It is wise to have the steering and suspension systems insepected for winter damage. The last place you want to find out about winter car damage is driving 65 mpg down the highway.
Cleaning the locks: If you have issues with keys sticking or being difficult to work, spray a bit of graphite lubricant on the key then insert it into the lock. Be sure to clean the key with an old cloth. Spray door and trunk hinges with a small amount of petroleum-based lubricant to deter rust and squeeks. Be sure to hold an old cloth around the hinge to prevent the lubricant from overspraying onto carpet or other surfaces that will discolor from the lubricant.
Be careful out there and come back to learn how to properly clean your vehicle.
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Sunday, February 14, 2010

     This post is not about cleaning but contains important information I felt very strongly that everyone should know. On this news clip from ABC news there may be a short commerical at first so please don't turn it off. This video talks about people who have been killed or in serious accidents because their tires are old even though they may be brand new tires. Please watch the entire video and don't turn it off until you get to the end where you are taught how to read the codes to check for the date of your tires. This is the most important part of the video and literally could save your life or someone elses if your vehicles goes out of control from a tire blowing. Then please pass it on. This is information everyone should know about.  

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Earth Friendly vs Human Friendly
Let's continue our last discussion concerning the benefits for you and Mother Earth when we make a few life style changes. Earth Friendly, Eco Friendly, Green Cleaner what is the difference and why should you care? Let me start by saying that a cleaner like my CleanEz is both Earth Friendly - because it is concentrated, and a Green Cleaner - it's EPA certified. A cleaner may be Human Friendly because it's certified. But if it comes with a sprayer then it's ready to use and not Earth Friendly.
One quart of CleanEz dilutes to make 32 quarts of cleaner. When you purchase any ready to use cleaner you must purchase 32 bottles to obtain the same amount of cleaner that one bottle of concentrated cleaner offers. Let's bump this up a notch. Say one million people buy a ready to use cleaner and one million people buy my CleanEz. The folks buying ready to use cleaners must purchase 32 million bottles to one million of my CleanEz. When you keep in mind that plastic is made from our precious oil, you begin to get the scope of the problem with ready to use products.
Now consider cleaners are packaged 12 bottles per case. If you do a little math it means that one million bottles of Clean Ez require 83,333 case boxes to ship. It takes a staggering 2,666,666 cases of cardboard boxes to ship 32 million bottles of ready to use. You have just cut down an entire forest just to ship ready to use cleaners. Not very earth friendly.

Next consider the tremendous amount of oil and fuel needed to ship 2,666,666 cases of ready to use product versus 83,333 cases of concentrated. Understand that two trucks are required to get products to the store. One semi-truck takes the shipment to a distribution center then a second truck to the store.
Still not convinced to make the switch? This next fact might get you moving. Say you order a ready to use cleaner online and millions of folks do. Ready to use products average $5 a bottle. One bottle of CleanEz is $25. Because you must continue to buy ready to use cleaners it means for every bottle of Clean Ez you buy for $25 you must spend $160 for a ready to use cleaner. You pay $10 in shipping for either product but 32 bottles later and you have spent $320 to ship a ready to use product and only $10 for CleanEz. Total cost for ready to use? A whopping $480 rather than $35 for one bottle of CleanEz.

When you purchase products, look for products that are not only human friendly but Earth Friendly as well. Purchase bulk whenever you can to eliminate packaging. Take your own reuseable bags to the stores. Become a Mary Moppins Greener Cleaner by visiting my website for more earth saving tips and walk gently on Mother Earth.
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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Longer Lasting Razor Blades
     My son told me several months ago that water is the reason razor blades dull so quickly because the alkali in water wears the blade down. He said he has been using the same blade for a year now where before he was buying a pack of ten of them every few months. Jason has a heavy beard so he is a good test and he is right. One blade has lasted me 3 months so far and it's still quite sharp. Rather than rinsing off my blade I just pound it against the sink then wipe the blade dry with my towel. I also leave the cap off to make sure the blade doesn't build up moisture from shower steam. If you have small children be sure to tuck your blade in a drawer and not leave it on the counter where they can cut themselves. I purchase the more expensive blades as I found cheap ones nicked me and lasted about 2 shavings if that much. 
    Now just think of the savings to Mother Earth. One person does make a difference. With the number of mops I've sold so far, I've kept over 125,000 mops out of the landfill so far. When you multiple a pack of razor blades every six months by the say 100 million people who probably use them,  it's easy to see the savings to Mother Earth. Just this one small step reduces power wastage for manufacturing; packaging material including trees being cut down for shipping boxes; toxic ink used to print the packages and finally fuel for shipping to the distribution centers then again to the stores. Let me put it this way. If each person is buying a pack of blades every six months multiplied by 100 million people that is 2 billion - yes 2 billion razor blades a year that are not being thrown into the landfills. And that is just one very small way each of us can have a huge impact on Mother Earth plus save a bundle of money. I'll give you more sustainable living tips in future blogs.
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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

   First Step to a Clean Home
     I started out the New Year determined to post daily memos on a step by step process to clean your home from top to bottom this year. I am now finding my tips posted on other websites without giving me proper credit. My content is copied word for word so I'm forced to stop this series. Instead I'll write a downloadable ebook. It will take time to complete but I promise I'll get it done. In the meantime read my book "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Green Cleaning." It will give you a good start.  

    The very first step before you start any cleaning job is to refresh your cleaning supplies. Do you have a tote tray or are you trying to use an apron? Please stop using aprons. Triggers on bottles do get bumped and the spray damages furniture. Besides the additional weight around your neck slows you down and is literally a pain in the neck. Don't use them.

     If you don't know where or how to start putting a kit together this is the time to consider my Precision Cleaning Kit. This kit comes complete with various towels for dusting, cleaning windows, bathrooms, kitchen and floors. It includes my CleanEz concentrated all purpose cleaner, Benya, my streak free window cleaner and a signed copy of my book. Come Feb 5th, the kit prices go up. My free shipping will also go from a $100 purchase to $125. 

    Plus on my site you will find a list of the rest of the items you need for your kit, which are cheaper at the grocery store. Click on my website the click "my system" at the top. Clicking on the Precision Cleaning Kit above will also get you there.

     Now that your kit is ready to go, start by reading my blog from January 1st forward to learn the beginning steps to cleaning your home. Don't put this off any longer as the weather will be warming up and the call of the sun will beckon you outside.    

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