Friday, February 03, 2006

Club Soda

Club Soda
The flip side

     Several popular cleaning websites promote the use of club soda for removing various stains from carpeting, which it does a wonderful job – if – the bottle is fresh. Club soda is a carbonated beverage and like any soda, looses its "fizz" within a short period of time. Once club soda has flattened you must open a fresh bottle for it to be effective either for removing stains or for drinks.

     Club soda is not an inexpensive item. Since it does quickly loose its effectiveness this means keeping several bottles of it in your pantry at all times. Just what you don't need – more product to consume an already overloaded pantry.

     Try our Ion-A-Clean instead. Ion-A-Clean is water that has been ionized. Under most conditions water only holds ionization for only 24 hours.  Ion-A-Clean has been patented to have a three year shelf life. Now you have one bottle in your pantry rather than half a dozen and it has cost you far less as well. Spray Ion-A-Clean on the stain and leave it alone for 30 minutes – do mark the area of the stain because most dissolve into the carpet. It encapsulates both the fibers of the carpet and the dirt. Both surfaces are now negatively charged acting like two negatively charged magnets. The stain "peels" away from the carpet fibers since they no longer have a death grip on the dirt.  

     Club soda must be rinsed or the ants will be beating a path to the spot. With Ion-A-Clean blot and that's it. It needs no rinsing. Ion-A-clean even removes magic marker from carpet and fabric furniture and won't leave a residue or stain behind like other products that claim to remove marker.

     Ion-A-Clean is so safe a fish can live in it as long as you feed it (. It is a wonderful cleaner for anyone with chemical sensitivities, asthma, heart problems or where breathing fumes of any kind should be avoided. It is safe to use around children and pets can lick the floor without the worry of ingesting a cleaner. Drop a nail into a glass of Ion-A-clean. It will not rust even after a year. And it is the only product safe for cleaning granite and marble counters and showers. It will not damage those surfaces.

Cleaning Tips for Fe

February Tips
   Spring is quickly on the way so now is the best time to attend to those cleaning chores we tend to ignore but need attention to prevent major problems down the road.
    Cleaning and conditioning wood cabinets and furniture. Wood furniture and cabinets dry and crack if ignored. Feel your bathroom cabinets. After several years of suffering through daily steam baths they crack and turn grey. Treat them at least once a year with our Wood Care to prevent this. Our Wood Care can be diluted eight parts water to one part Wood Care for a wonderful weekly furniture cleaner.
    Deep treat leather and vinyl furniture to prevent sun damage if they are near a window and drying and cracking. Our Leather/Vinyl Cleaner and Conditioner deep cleans and conditions. It can be diluted the same as the Wood Care for regular cleanings.
  1. Clean the inside of kitchen cabinets. Grab two plastic clothes baskets. Use one basket to toss anything you haven't eaten including old spices, medicines etc. that are past expiration date. The second will hold any item you haven't used for the past 3 to 4 years. Either have a garage sale, take them to Good Will or sell it on EBay. Then wipe down the shelves and walls of the cabinets.

  2. If storage is a problem in your kitchen, places like Bed Bath and Beyond, department stores and hardware stores have great storage ideas. Just let your creative side take over when you go looking.

  3. Resolve once a month to thoroughly clean one to two rooms of your home. Designate a day then keep the appointment with yourself. Pull the furniture away from walls. Clean the walls and baseboards then vacuum thoroughly. Use our Dry Sponge to clean dog hair and surface dirt off fabric furniture. Our Ion-A-Clean will remove most stains on the furniture even magic marker.
Pull everything out of the closet repeating the idea with the baskets as above. Getting rid of things you haven't used for years, there are exceptions of course, simplifies your life, makes cleaning much easier and finding things too!