Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Selecting a Vacuum Cleaner

Selecting a Vacuum Cleaner

Hardly a week passes that I'm not questioned about the selection of a vacuum cleaner. Personally, I have found the Miele canister to be an excellent vacuum. I have used dozens of vacuum in years of professionally cleaning homes and I'm very pleased with the Meile. It's expensive but has done a wonderful job.

Carpet Stain Remover: My New CleanEz is proving to do an excellent job removing all kinds of stains from carpet. The new trick at rest stops is to drop fresh gum at your car door. Yes I stepped in it smearing it all over the carpet of my brand new truck. CleanEz removed the gum in a matter of a minute and I was on my way. 

Here is an article from the Carpet and Rug Institute on selection of a vacuum cleaner. Their website also contains a list of their Green Label approved vacuums. Interestingly enough Eureka vacuums are not included in the list.

"High performance vacuum cleaners have a significant impact on improved indoor air quality (IAQ). At the same time, vacuums that effectively remove and contain soil while keeping the carpet looking good will help carpets last longer. So, ultimately, better performing vacuums provide a greater return on your investment and ensure a healthier indoor environment.

Recognizing the need to identify superior cleaning equipment, CRI introduced its Green Label Testing Program for vacuum cleaners in 2000. This program tests two general categories of vacuums: a) general purpose vacuums approved for use on all conventional carpet styles; and b) vacuums specifically approved for use on carpet with a low pile, or surface texture, measuring approximately 1/4 inch or less.

To qualify for the Green Label, these vacuums must go through a stringent testing process that measures three key performance factors:

  • Soil Removal — The vacuum must remove a set quantity of soil from carpet in four passes
  • Dust Containment — The vacuum must not release more than 100 micrograms of dust particles per cubic meter of air. This protocol evaluates the total amount of dust particles released by the brush rolls, through the filtration bag and via any air leaks from the system, and is more stringent than the National Ambient Air Quality Standards
  • Carpet Appearance Retention — The vacuum should not affect the appearance of the carpet more than a one-step change based on one year of normal vacuum use

Vacuums meeting the above protocols, which have been peer reviewed by scientists, can display the CRI Green Label on packaging, merchandising displays and on the machine itself. Since the launch of this test in 2000, CRI has certified more than one hundred machines in the following categories: backpacks, canisters, central systems, and uprights.

Ultimately, proper carpet maintenance is assured and made significantly easier with high quality machines that are CRI Green Label-certified. This important testing program has raised the bar for all vacuum cleaners on the market, resulting in cleaner, longer-lasting carpet and improved IAQ."

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Your 15 minute Guide: Get a Grip on Housework  
Several times a week new ideas for short 15 minute jobs will be posted to help you get a Grip on Housework now that you have your house decluttered. You did keep that New Years resolution - right? There are so many good articles out about how to declutter your home but few teaching you step by step how to clean once you gave booted out the clutter. Hopefully these short 15 minute jobs, presented several times weekly will help you get a Grip on Housework one chore at a time.
When you clean, it's best to start with high places so any dust can settle on lower areas. You don't want to vacuum the floor then have dust from ceiling fans falling on your freshly vacuumed carpet.
#1 15 Minute Cleaning Job- Ok so you spray painted the cobwebs yellow and black last Halloween and it's finally time to take down the decorations. Grab a barely damp towel place it over Mary Moppins Cleaning Head or over a broom and sweep them down. I find it far faster to use lightweight terry towels rather than feather dusters for cobwebs since you don't need to stop to clean cobwebs out of the duster. Why clean them twice? Toss the towel in the washing machine.
Those of you with textured ceilings, popcorn ceilings and wood beams think this is one job you don't have to do since the cobwebs smear everywhere - well you don't get off that easy. Attach a metal paint roller to our extension handle. Now buy several replacement lint rollers made for clothing and place them over the roller. The cobwebs stick to the tape without smearing into the surface. Some stores also carry ready made lint rollers. I have not tried them yet but they look like they should work and would be far easier than lint rollers.
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Monday, January 01, 2007

Mary's Top Five do ahead Spring Cleaning Tips:

Spring Cleaning doesn't have to start in the spring and shouldn't wait until you are busy painting the house and working on the yard. Now is the time to get a step ahead of it.

Cleaning your computer: First of all how long has it been since you last took the cover off your computer to dust it with the cleaner you can purchase at office supply stores? Ouch that one hurt huh? Yes I'm a nag about these things. Cleaning extends the life time of your computer keeping it running at top speed the entire time of its life.
Removing the casing should be done monthly but few of us have the time. Don't drag your feet or you may find you feet hitting the gas peddle to the electronics store for a new computer. Clean all screens including the newest screens with a 50/50 solution distilled water to rubbing alcohol.

My top 5 "don't wait for spring cleaning" chores:
1) Deep Cleaning: Each week when you vacuum pull the furniture out from the walls in one sector of your home ie the bedrooms, living area or dining area. Then scratch one spring cleaning chore off your list. Our dry sponge is wonderful for removing dust and dirt that has collected along the walls.
Wrap a damp towel sprayed with a bit of CleanEz around one of Mary Moppins mop heads and quickly and easily dust baseboards. It even does a fast and easy job dusting the back of cabinets and bedroom furniture. The less you have to crawl around on the floor the faster you will clean.
If you smell any musty odors, CleanEz does an excellent job killing mold and mildew even in carpets. Our Pure Ayre for Marine kills all mold and mildew odors. The Pure Ayre for Home works exceptionally fast to permanently rid your carpet, bedding or furniture of urine or fecal odors. These are all on sale for 20% off for readers only.
2) Clean the clutter: We recently had the carpet re-stretched in the bedrooms of our home, which means moving everything out of closets, pulling drawers out of dressers to move them etc. Only having been in this home for five years it was shocking how much "stuff" had accumulated. I need to pay closer attention to my own advice "If it's not a family heirloom or could become one and it has not been used for over 3 or 4 years, give it away or have a spring garage sale. This is an easy step when you are pulling furniture out from the wall. Plus you have a couple of months to get the items marked for your garage sale!
3) Cleaning drapes: Clean your drapes with our dry sponge or your vacuum attachment. If the drapes are not to large consider removing them and taking them outdoors (if possible) and give them a good shake. Many people also take them to a Laundromat and put them in the dryer on "air" to draw out the dust. Having tried both I vote for shaking them outside. It took far less time without chancing death by dryer if the dryer is not working properly.
4) Cobwebs under the eves: Removing holiday lighting around your home also provides an excellent time to turn off the lights on cobwebs. For those of you living in the plain states like Colorado your lights and cobwebs may need to wait until spring. Hopefully you have dug your way out of the nasty storms. Professional pesticide companies use Mary Moppins mops to quickly remove those cobwebs without the dust and dirt falling in their face. Alternately use a broom to knock them down.
5) Clean and Condition Kitchen and Bathroom cabinets to prevent cooking oils or bathroom steam from penetrating the wood, which will dry and crack the wood. Bathroom cabinets turn a grayish color. Our one step Wood Cleaner and Conditioner keeps them in top shape if used regularly. Then dilute it 5 parts water to one part Wood Care to use as a regular cabinet cleaner. Discover what it does for your furniture as well. It removes scratch marks on furniture.
Clean acrylic faced cabinets using a barely damp soft cotton cloth. These cabinets have a very high gloss shine that looks like the floor of a basketball court. Most cabinets have a gloss shine but Acrylic cabinets look like they have 10 to 15 layers of finish and they do.
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