Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Cleaning Days 8, 9 and 10

Here are days 8, 9 and 10 of your Holiday Cleaning schedule. Please remember to email me with any cleaning questions. Happy Holidays!

Day 8: Don't forget to clean the blinds.  

Day 9: Clean and condition leather or vinyl furniture using our Leather Care. Our Wood Care puts life back into wood furniture or cabinets and removes water stains or light scratches.  

Day 10. Remove soot from glass fireplace fronts, clean the bricks and the fireplace. Do you have enough kindling to get a fire started?

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Holiday Cleaning Days Five, Six and Seven

Here are your next 3 days of cleaning. Be sure to email me if you have any specific questions. My contact information is at the top of each of my websites. Don't forget to print out my stain removal guide. It comes in handy when those unexpected spills happen.

Day 5: If you have any kitchen appliances like a blender that are infrequently used now is the time to make sure they work properly. Clean them if needed. Check you stock of food storage bowls and freezer bags as well as your supply of candles if you use them. At the same time  change your flashlight batteries, fire detectors and CO2 batteries and make sure you have soy free candles with lead free wicks close by in case the electricity goes out.

Day 6: Touch up guest rooms and freshen bedding by drying them on air dry for 10 minutes.

Day 7: Wash your holiday dinnerware and begin making extra ice if you have a large freezer.

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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

     The Thrid and Fourth Days of Christmas Cleaning


Here are your assignments for days three and four of the Holiday season. Dig in, put on your favorite music and don't stop until the jobs are done. Remember if you stop in the middle of a project, even to answer the phone, it takes considerable time to work back up to speed - if you even finish the chore. Keep going then have that cup of hot tea - forgo the cocoa to avoid the extra pounds this year. Speaking of pounds, make a cherry crisp with Agave syrup rather than cherry pie and you save the artery clogging fat and the calories from the pie crust. Or just do a pumpin custard with lowfat condensed milk. Warm, homemade applesauce with no more than a teaspoon of  sugar free whipping cream is another favorite. Substitute baked rice crackers for crackers or chips and give your heart a break. 

   Day 3: Deep clean the bathrooms. Use our EraseIt for Bathrooms to remove "ring around the toilet." Then treat the showers and toilets with Advantage. Advantage is my car protectant that protects with polymers. Polymers make a surface slick so water slides right off shower walls and glass shower doors. And it makes toilets slick so nothing sticks. Cleaning toilets after guests leave is so easy when nothing sticks. Advantage will lessen the damage water spots cause to showers as well.

     P.S. This is the perfect time to use Advantage on your cars. It will make the surface slick and help protect your vehicle against the harsh winter that is quickly coming. Okay you folks snow birding down South can laugh at those of us stuck up north.

Day 4: Clean the refrigerator using our CleanEz and toss anything that has not been used in the last 3 months.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Ten Days of Christmas Cleaning

     The Twelve Days of Christmas has been one of my all time favorite Christmas songs. Well I promise not to sing the Ten Days of Holiday Cleaning since my vocal cords need more polishing than my silver serving spoons. But here is a list of cleaning chores to help you get through the holidays with a bit more expediency. As always adapt this list to your own circumstance but it's a guideline.  Today I'm featuring the first two days. I'll post one each day for the next eight days so come back every day for help with your cleaning schedule. 

     Remember before you put a tree or other plants like poinsettias on a floor, put clear plastic down first then a terry cloth towel, then the plant or tree and finish with a decorative skirt. I found a piece of discarded Corian that I now place on the floor first. Clear plastic goes on top of that followed by the white terry cloth towel, tree then the tree skirt. Don't use plywood as water soaks into the wood and it can still damage the floor.  

Day 1: Polish your silver and wash any bowls or plates that must be done by hand.

Day 2: Launder table cloths and napkins. If you have lace cloths that have yellowed place them in the bathtub adding a forth cup of Borax and a cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide. Let them soak 30 minutes and rinse thoroughly in white distilled vinegar and water. See my website for a stain removal guide Click on Stain removal at the top.

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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Safety Cautions for the Holidays from Underwriters Laboratories
Underwriters Laboratories sent me some holiday tips to safeguard your home not just during the holidays but year round.
1) "Make suree at least one smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm are instilled on each level of your home near sleeping areas."
2) "Turn off any electrical lights, decorations and space heaters before leaving home or going to bed."
3) "Keep flammable materials like bedding, wallpaper and curtains at least three feet from space heaters and other heat sources."
4) "Practive a fire escape plan with your loved ones. Every family member should know at least two ways to exit each room in the home."
5) "Place your tree in a sturdy stand and keep it filled with water."
6) "Inspect decorations for cracked sockets, frayed or bare wires or loose connections. These all pose fire or shock hazards."
7) "Position your tree 3 feet away from fireplaces or other heat sources and it doesn't block an exit."
8) "Connect no more than 3 miniature light strings together. Strings with large bulbs should have no more than 50 bulbs per string."
9) "Remember to 'Just Look For' the UL symbol when purchasing electrical products."
This is a suggestion from Mary Findley: Never leave your home or go to bed with the dryer running. Remove dryer lint after every load to prevent fires. Use a lambswool duster once a month to remove lint beneath the lint filter and clean out the corners of dryer doors where lint is trapped.
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