Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Ten Days of Christmas Cleaning

     The Twelve Days of Christmas has been one of my all time favorite Christmas songs. Well I promise not to sing the Ten Days of Holiday Cleaning since my vocal cords need more polishing than my silver serving spoons. But here is a list of cleaning chores to help you get through the holidays with a bit more expediency. As always adapt this list to your own circumstance but it's a guideline.  Today I'm featuring the first two days. I'll post one each day for the next eight days so come back every day for help with your cleaning schedule. 

     Remember before you put a tree or other plants like poinsettias on a floor, put clear plastic down first then a terry cloth towel, then the plant or tree and finish with a decorative skirt. I found a piece of discarded Corian that I now place on the floor first. Clear plastic goes on top of that followed by the white terry cloth towel, tree then the tree skirt. Don't use plywood as water soaks into the wood and it can still damage the floor.  

Day 1: Polish your silver and wash any bowls or plates that must be done by hand.

Day 2: Launder table cloths and napkins. If you have lace cloths that have yellowed place them in the bathtub adding a forth cup of Borax and a cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide. Let them soak 30 minutes and rinse thoroughly in white distilled vinegar and water. See my website for a stain removal guide Click on Stain removal at the top.

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