Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Safety Cautions for the Holidays from Underwriters Laboratories
Underwriters Laboratories sent me some holiday tips to safeguard your home not just during the holidays but year round.
1) "Make suree at least one smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm are instilled on each level of your home near sleeping areas."
2) "Turn off any electrical lights, decorations and space heaters before leaving home or going to bed."
3) "Keep flammable materials like bedding, wallpaper and curtains at least three feet from space heaters and other heat sources."
4) "Practive a fire escape plan with your loved ones. Every family member should know at least two ways to exit each room in the home."
5) "Place your tree in a sturdy stand and keep it filled with water."
6) "Inspect decorations for cracked sockets, frayed or bare wires or loose connections. These all pose fire or shock hazards."
7) "Position your tree 3 feet away from fireplaces or other heat sources and it doesn't block an exit."
8) "Connect no more than 3 miniature light strings together. Strings with large bulbs should have no more than 50 bulbs per string."
9) "Remember to 'Just Look For' the UL symbol when purchasing electrical products."
This is a suggestion from Mary Findley: Never leave your home or go to bed with the dryer running. Remove dryer lint after every load to prevent fires. Use a lambswool duster once a month to remove lint beneath the lint filter and clean out the corners of dryer doors where lint is trapped.
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