Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Your 15 minute Guide: Get a Grip on Housework  
Several times a week new ideas for short 15 minute jobs will be posted to help you get a Grip on Housework now that you have your house decluttered. You did keep that New Years resolution - right? There are so many good articles out about how to declutter your home but few teaching you step by step how to clean once you gave booted out the clutter. Hopefully these short 15 minute jobs, presented several times weekly will help you get a Grip on Housework one chore at a time.
When you clean, it's best to start with high places so any dust can settle on lower areas. You don't want to vacuum the floor then have dust from ceiling fans falling on your freshly vacuumed carpet.
#1 15 Minute Cleaning Job- Ok so you spray painted the cobwebs yellow and black last Halloween and it's finally time to take down the decorations. Grab a barely damp towel place it over Mary Moppins Cleaning Head or over a broom and sweep them down. I find it far faster to use lightweight terry towels rather than feather dusters for cobwebs since you don't need to stop to clean cobwebs out of the duster. Why clean them twice? Toss the towel in the washing machine.
Those of you with textured ceilings, popcorn ceilings and wood beams think this is one job you don't have to do since the cobwebs smear everywhere - well you don't get off that easy. Attach a metal paint roller to our extension handle. Now buy several replacement lint rollers made for clothing and place them over the roller. The cobwebs stick to the tape without smearing into the surface. Some stores also carry ready made lint rollers. I have not tried them yet but they look like they should work and would be far easier than lint rollers.
These ideas may be used only with giving full credit to Mary Findley and her website

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