Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spring Cleaning Your Car
     Spring may be a month away yet for many Midwest or Eastern states. When the next warm day comes your way be ready to do that all important spring cleaning and inspection of your car. Dirt, salt, sand, ice and snow all take their toll on the exterior of your vehicle. Here are a few tips to keep in mind so your car doesn't melt away with the last spring thaw. For more detailed information visit my website at Click on the car, RV or boat for further discussions. 
Check weather-stripping: Inspect weatherstripping around windows for any mold, cracks or brittleness and replace them if needed. Silicone will help water bead away rather than seeping into the window. However do not use a silicone spray. Look for a libricant and wipe on with a cotton swab. A silicone spray will drift onto the windshield and the car itself. Silicone is very difficult to remove and leaves a film. That film can cause visual problems.
Check the underside for rust. Use a high intensity trebel light to check the underneath of your car. Sand, salt and ice do cause damage. Unless you work on cars, take your vehicle to a mechanic for repair. Look for rust issues on brakes, clamps, tailpipes or holes forming on mufflers. It is wise to have the steering and suspension systems insepected for winter damage. The last place you want to find out about winter car damage is driving 65 mpg down the highway.
Cleaning the locks: If you have issues with keys sticking or being difficult to work, spray a bit of graphite lubricant on the key then insert it into the lock. Be sure to clean the key with an old cloth. Spray door and trunk hinges with a small amount of petroleum-based lubricant to deter rust and squeeks. Be sure to hold an old cloth around the hinge to prevent the lubricant from overspraying onto carpet or other surfaces that will discolor from the lubricant.
Be careful out there and come back to learn how to properly clean your vehicle.
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