Thursday, February 11, 2010

Earth Friendly vs Human Friendly
Let's continue our last discussion concerning the benefits for you and Mother Earth when we make a few life style changes. Earth Friendly, Eco Friendly, Green Cleaner what is the difference and why should you care? Let me start by saying that a cleaner like my CleanEz is both Earth Friendly - because it is concentrated, and a Green Cleaner - it's EPA certified. A cleaner may be Human Friendly because it's certified. But if it comes with a sprayer then it's ready to use and not Earth Friendly.
One quart of CleanEz dilutes to make 32 quarts of cleaner. When you purchase any ready to use cleaner you must purchase 32 bottles to obtain the same amount of cleaner that one bottle of concentrated cleaner offers. Let's bump this up a notch. Say one million people buy a ready to use cleaner and one million people buy my CleanEz. The folks buying ready to use cleaners must purchase 32 million bottles to one million of my CleanEz. When you keep in mind that plastic is made from our precious oil, you begin to get the scope of the problem with ready to use products.
Now consider cleaners are packaged 12 bottles per case. If you do a little math it means that one million bottles of Clean Ez require 83,333 case boxes to ship. It takes a staggering 2,666,666 cases of cardboard boxes to ship 32 million bottles of ready to use. You have just cut down an entire forest just to ship ready to use cleaners. Not very earth friendly.

Next consider the tremendous amount of oil and fuel needed to ship 2,666,666 cases of ready to use product versus 83,333 cases of concentrated. Understand that two trucks are required to get products to the store. One semi-truck takes the shipment to a distribution center then a second truck to the store.
Still not convinced to make the switch? This next fact might get you moving. Say you order a ready to use cleaner online and millions of folks do. Ready to use products average $5 a bottle. One bottle of CleanEz is $25. Because you must continue to buy ready to use cleaners it means for every bottle of Clean Ez you buy for $25 you must spend $160 for a ready to use cleaner. You pay $10 in shipping for either product but 32 bottles later and you have spent $320 to ship a ready to use product and only $10 for CleanEz. Total cost for ready to use? A whopping $480 rather than $35 for one bottle of CleanEz.

When you purchase products, look for products that are not only human friendly but Earth Friendly as well. Purchase bulk whenever you can to eliminate packaging. Take your own reuseable bags to the stores. Become a Mary Moppins Greener Cleaner by visiting my website for more earth saving tips and walk gently on Mother Earth.
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