Thursday, September 08, 2011

Go Green for Fall Cleaning 

     Dust mites thrive in damp dusty areas especially humid climates. If you suffer from headaches, sinus or bronchial congestion then it’s time to send these little bugs packing. More time is spent in the bedroom than any other single room of the home.

     Yes it is important to declutter the bedroom, I’ll cover that in my next post, only right now the weather in most areas are ideal to haul the mattress outside for a good old fashioned cleaning. My prayers to those caught in the wildfires or in the path of the East Coast storm.

     Mattresses are the favorite hiding spot of dust mites. If possible take the mattress to the back patio, lean it against the house and pound it good with a broom like Grandma used to do on the farm. Wear a face mask as the dust does fly.

     Vacuuming helps, only it can’t reach the inner sanctions of a mattress. I often read to wrap mattresses in plastic only that means breathing in the toxic fumes all night from the dozens of chemicals that comprise plastic. Rather, enclose the mattress with a thick cotton spread then launder it frequently. Breathing chemicals eight hours a night can contributes to toxic bioaccumulation in the body especially the lungs, sinuses and nasal cavities.

     Air out your mattress while you pull out the frame of the bed, dust it, clean the baseboards and thoroughly vacuum. Then pull out dressers and clean behind them as well.

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