Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Creative Edge
     People often ask me where I get so many ideas for using one tool to do a job for something entirely different. It is much like asking a craftsperson where they come up with ideas. Often times we get "stuck" in our thinking and see things only as they are and not allow the creative side of us to visualize other uses for an item.
     A broom to an adult is for sweeping but in the hands of a young child it can be a horse, the center pole of a "blanket" tent or a rail to line up dolls. Take the wire cubicals you put together in various shapes to hold anything from shoes to toys. Using two thin nails attach one to your bedroom wall. Decorate it with dried flowers or whatever hits your fancy and you have an excellent holding rack for earrings - if you have kept the earring holder. It will also hold your necklaces and scarves etc.
     I use them to dry my herbs by leaning one against a wall and looping herbs through the slots. Potatoes must have air circulating around them or they quickly rot so when I dug my potatoes this summer I placed the racks on top of  the cartons I get from vegitable farms. My spuds are content and holding up nicely. The rack provides that airing space and it was quite inexpensive.
     So get creative with things you have around your home. You will be surprised the number of uses you can find for things that were not designed for that job.
This article can only be reprinted giving credit to Mary Findley, co-author of "The Complete Idiots Guide to Cleaning" and her website www.goclean.com. All rights reserved world-wide.

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