Thursday, December 13, 2007

Here are a few easy tips to help you stress less for the upcoming Holiday Season.
1) Double Up!  If you fix a stew, meatloaf or any meal that freezes easily, double what you normally cook freezing the other half. Chili and soups are fast and easy to toss together yet you can make enough for usually three to four meals. One leftover meal for the current week then freeze another for later. 
2) ALWAYS double check your shopping list to prevent making two trips. Have your menu for each meal written down and check it to make sure everything you need is on your grocery list. In fact take your menu with you! Most people only take their grocery list. It has saved many a second trip out just by having the menus handy while I'm shopping.  
Purchase double of any item you use frequently like butter or margarine. Those can be frozen if they are not used. Also buy double of any liquid item like Whipping cream to save a disaster if the original spills or you have more guests than you planned to have. Make sure your condiments like baking soda, corn starch and white vinegar are fresh to prevent recipes from not turning out correctly if the product is old. Check your cabinets.  
3) Save your menus, shopping lists etc to an Excel worksheet program if you have one, to prevent having to make grocery lists year after year. They are easy to change and can save hours of time.
4) Double up on your trips. We are all creatures of habits and one is making separate trips for everything. You will save not only your time but at the gas pump as well. This also works well around the house. Going to the mail box? Take the garbage with you. Headed to the garage to do laundry? Get meat out for tonight's dinner if your freezer is out there. 
5) Get in a good 30 to 45 minute workout each day. You will be amazed how much faster you zip through your work when you are in shape. This will also help you from putting on those unwanted pounds. Yes it means getting up 30 minutes earlier in the morning but your body will love you for the effort. There are several excellent workout videos out including a Boot Camp workout, a Salsa workout, Pilate tapes and some by "The Firm." A variety keeps you from getting bored with just one or two and the variations of exercise provide the best complete body workouts. You will stretch, work and invigorate every bone and muscle.
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