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The SWSWSWWNs of Cleaning part 1


   Please see prior blogs like 11/26/06 and 12/5/06 for my Holiday Cleaning Tips.  If you go back to most articles dated in November or December of any year, you are likely to find still more holiday cleaning tips. 

Are You Cleaning too Often? Not Enough? What is Just Right?

     This is a 2 part series called SWSWSWWN. It's a saying I learned with sales work. Some Will, Some Won't, So What, Who's Next. In sales it means some will buy, some won't buy, so what can you do to convert the "some who won't buy" then determine what's next? Stop to think about this catchy little phrase. Much of life revolves around this same principal including cleaning.

     Some will overkill on the cleanliness issue, some won't clean but the basics. Others say "so what, it's only going to get dirty again so why clean." So what's next?  Let's take a look at what might be over kill and what is under kill and how to find that even pace. 


Are You Not Cleaning Often Enough?


  Face it, If you spray paint your cobwebs orange and black at Halloween, then perhaps you might want to take a closer look at your cleaning schedule. Another good test is to run your fingernail along the bottom of the shower wall. If your fingernail turns white, that is soap residue buildup. It indicates one of two things: either your product isn't working or you aren't working.  


    The final check point is whether or not you turn on your ceiling fan. If you leave it off to avoid scattering the accumulated dust then your cleaning outlook needs some dusting. This type of buildup happens only because you are not cleaning effectively. These areas are avoided because time just doesn't permit the attention they need.


    Hang in there I am writing a short booklet that puts speed cleaning into the horse and buggy era. 


      You can keep your home clean with minimal effort and without over doing on the clean scene. Here is a general rule of thumb to follow to help determine a cleaning schedule suitable for you.


  1. Singles or couples with no pets, children or hobbies that create dust like woodworking can squeak by with an every other week cleaning.  I do recommend vacuuming carpets every week to prevent the buildup of damaging dust and dirt. The frequency of vacuuming depends on your individual circumstance.
  2. If children or pets are present in the home, then a weekly cleaning schedule including vacuuming, kitchen and damp mopping floors is necessary to keep the home clean. Dusting can be alternated with bathroom cleaning every other week to help with busy schedules.  
  3. Busy homes with several children or pets inside the home or those who live on farms, ranches or dusty roads need weekly maintenance and possibly twice a week.   

     People can become excessive with cleanliness and disinfect every surface each time it is used. I have known people who spray down their toilet seats every time they use it. That is excessive. If you have a spill or accident which produces bacteria like feces, urine, milk, raw meat, eggs etc then that surface must be disinfected every time. Otherwise regularly scheduled cleaning will keep your home in top shape, your sanity in check and keep the clutter away.


     Next issue we will talk about hidden dirt in the home and how to apply the SWSWSWWN to cleaning.      


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