Thursday, December 20, 2007

     Winter and the holiday season is upon us as well as the loosening of our belt buckles when we overindulged with that last cookie or helping of mashed potatoes and gravey. Diets get blown away this time of year faster than the kids can figure out your new electronic gadgets.
     Then comes the traditional breaking of the New Years resolutions made after eating that piece of pecan pie. Oh I've heard the words all too often "I'll never induldge like that again. I promise to take brisk walks every day." So what is stopping you besides that sleet and 12 inches of fresh snow on the ground?  
   Just how do you drop that weight and get back in shape when the weather is nasty and the warm fire convinces you to stay indoors? Grab your coat, jump in the car and and head for your sporting goods or video store for workout tapes. Buy four or five tapes not only to prevent boredom from having to repeat the same one over and over but also to give your body a thorough overall workout. The ones I enjoy the most are a Salsa workout tape by Crunch. I have two pilate tapes by The Method and another by The Firm called Tough Tape 2. To really get your heart rate going try the Boot Camp - jumping jacks and skipping rope included. Then also pick up a beginners tape of Yoga for the stetching and flexibility to help prevent arthritis and stiff joints.  
   Next set your alarm 30 mintues earlier in the morning and stop whining. Your joints ache, your back hurts and your pants won't zip.  After a week of dedicated effort trust me you won't miss a day. Your new found energy will amaze you. You will  breeze through your work and still have enough energy at night to walk that new puppy. It opens your breathing, gets your blood circulating and puts a glow in your complexion. No amount of prescription medicine or face cream can put the kind of glow on your face as that of a good diet and hearty workout. 
     Beat the rush and start you New Years resolution now!
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