Monday, March 29, 2010

A Few Money Saving Tricks
     We all look for ways to save money even in better economic times. Snagging a new pair of panty hose is enough to bring on the tears. Brush the tears away and save those panty hose.
      Long Live the Pantyhose: When you bring them home saturate them good in water and place in a zip lock bag - please make certain it does not leak. Put that in a plastic bowl and freeze it solid for a full day. Thaw at room temperature. Freezing hardens the fibers so they don't run. Then once a month after you wash them, refreeze them.
      Don't Toss Them Reuse Them: When you do get those runs, cut off the leg drop a bar of organic soap into the toe and tie that around an outdoor faucet. It's an easy way to wash your hands outside. Use the panty portion to polish your shoes.
     The War with Broadleaf Weeds: Rather than buy toxic and expensive weed killers, grab a bottle of food grade distilled white vinegar instead. Dig the weed first. Grab a food baster and pull some vinegar into the tube. Squirt about 2 tablespoons of vinegar directly on the root and it will never come back. Vinegar will also kill the surrounding grass so don't go overboard with the vinegar.
     For the Love of Vinegar: When you dilute a concentrated cleaner like Mary Moppins EPA registered CleanEz add two tablespoons of food grade distilled white vinegar to the mix and use less CleanEz. Vinegar boost the cleaning ability of the cleaner so you don't need as much.
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