Tuesday, April 13, 2010

   Cleaning Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless Steel cleaning issues:   This seems to be the season for stainless steel problems. My glass cleaner Benya removes stubborn finger prints from stainless steel refrigerators. It will shine stainless stoves but does not remove burnt on food. Alternately mix a 50/50 solution of food grade distilled white vinegar and water. Some folks use straight vinegar but a 50/50 solution should work. Make certain your vinegar says "food grade" or it's made from petroleum.

Look for the Grain:  Stainless steel has a grain just like wood. Get up close and personal with your sink and appliances to find out the directions those grains run. Grease is going to stay right where it is unless you clean or scrub with the grain and not against it.

     Then get a grip on your cleaning cloths. Stainless steel and black faced appliances smear if your cloth is dirty. And you wonder why your counter tops look greasy after wiping them down with a used dish cloth. Use a clean cloth and make sure you don't use fabric softener, bleach or dryer sheets in the laundry. For an inexpensive and eco friendly alternative to these products, pour a cup of food grade distilled white vinegar in your rinse cycle.

     At least once a week, clean stainless steel sinks with a slightly abrasive cleaner to keep them shining. Use baking soda as other powdered cleaners have high health risk ratings. Besides, cleaning the sink with baking soda helps with odor issues in the drains.

     Mix a thin paste of baking soda and water to give the stove or fridge a good scrub. Be leery about using standard metal polishes on residential stainless steel. Most are made for industrial stainless steel and can damage residential appliances.       

    Stay tuned as I'm testing a new Benya formula. Its concentrated, which is far more earth friendly plus it saves you money buying my current ready to use product. Now be sure to pick up the May issue of Real Simple for more of my cleaning tips!

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