Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Window Cleaning Tips
     If you are like me, I would rather darn socks than clean the windows. Here are a few tips to make this job a bit easier.
     1) Grab an old barely damp rag and place it around the Mary Moppins Cleaning head. Run this around the window and across the top ledge to dust for cobwebs. The end of the mop head glides along the upper edges of the window to thoroughly and quickly clean the entire window.  NOTE: Please do not use our precious water to hose off windows. 
     2) Remove the screen and clean it with a dry sponge. Guess what? No sloppy buckets of water. You'll find dry sponges at pet stores. They are used to remove pet hair from fabric furniture. I carry them as well. When they soil sand them with a light grit sandpaper and keep on going. 
     3)  Next use a 1 1/2 inch paint brush to clean the tracks of the window frames. Every few years these clean the tracks with a metal polish to remove the black oxidation so your windows slide easily.
     4) Windows are the only surface where it's safe to use microfiber. So grab a bottle of my streak free Benya and one of the courser microfiber pads as it will easily scrub the bug juice off the windows. Our Benya will put a super shine on the windows. Another NOTE: Please do NOT use paper towels or newspapers to clean windows. We need our precious trees.
     5) If you are seeing streaks after cleaning the windows, then grab a dry eraser used for dry erase boards and wipe the smears away!
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