Thursday, March 13, 2008

Kitchen disposal drains

     The thought of kitchen disposals emiting even a mild odor while I'm preparing dinner will run me out of the kitchen in no time.  Toxic chemicals of any kind are high on my list of things to leave on the grocery store shelf. Most of them clog disposals. 

     So how do you keep your drain clear and not smelling like last night's fish? Easy - head to a pet store to buy Nature's Miracle. It is an enzyme product used for removing fecal and urine matter from carpet and furniture and it works. Those enzymes "eat" away at bacteria, any bacteria whether it's in the carpet or your drain. Pour a cup of it into all your drains once a month at night before bed to keep them running clear and get rid of those toxic drain openers.  

     Now back to the kitchen disposal. Purchase a brush made for cleaning bottles or use a small sink brush. Dampen it with CleanEz or your all purpose cleaner and scrub away. A nylon scrub pad like the blue ones you find at grocery stores also do a fairly good job and will clean the blades a bit better than the tip of a bottle brush. You can sprinkle just a bit of baking soda onto the brush but PLEASE make sure you use less than half a teaspoon. Anything more than that can clog your drain. Run plenty of water before turning on the disposal.

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