Tuesday, March 11, 2008

This next series of cleaning tips is geared to help you do some deep cleaning for spring. Be sure to check back each day for a new tip for spring cleaning.
Cleaning Toilets to Remove Stains
     How many of you see those dreaded brownish or reddish streaks running down the inside of your toilet bowl? A quick look inside the tank provides an instant answer as to the source of the problem. Our Erase It for Bathrooms quickly removes those stains as well as iron and hard water rings without scratching. Let's tackle cleaning the tank to diffuse future problems. 

First you will need: A plastic bucket; several old towels and two extra to place on the floor around the toilet; an SOS pad; diluted CleanEz or your all purpose cleaner; a sponge and rubber gloves.

Next: Turn off the water at the back of the tank and flush removing the water from both the bowl and the tank. If there is water remaining in the bottom of the tank, it can be used to help clean the tank. Clean the toilet with the Erase It for Bathrooms to remove those ugly marks.

Next: scrub the tank with diluted Clean Ez or your all purpose cleaner to remove surface scum and mold. Then dampen the SOS pad giving the tank a good scrub.

Finally using a dampened old cloth, wipe down the tank and do a final rinse with the sponge. Finish by using the sponge to remove any water in the bottom of the tank.

Quick Cleaning Tip: If you want to make toilet bowl cleaning a breeze in the future, dry the inside of the toilet before you let the water back in. Grab your bottle of Advantage spraying the inside of the toilet. Wipe it around to spread evenly. Let that set 5 minutes and allow the water back in the tank. Advantage contains polymers, which make surfaces slick so nothing sticks. Oh is cleaning a toilet easy when it is waxed.

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