Friday, December 04, 2009

Beat the flu season this year by using some of the wisdom from our grandmothers. Here are a few ideas to help you avoid and prevent colds and flu. First need I remind you to wash your hands and face as soon as you return home? It's the #1 way to prevent illness. If you are out with people who are ill, wash your hands before you leave the building or carry hand sanitizer in your car.  Do not touch your face and keep your fingers out of your nose. Your nose contains staff germs that are easily spread to other parts of your body.
Here are some handy tips from my acupuncturist:
*Head to the health food store for a container of sea salt. Sea salt contains valuable earth minerals often lacking from our diets. Those minerals promote wellness in your body year round. Warm some water and stir in a fourth teaspoon of sea salt. Gargle three times a week swallowing some of the water. Warm salt water washes virus down to your stomach where the virus cannot live. Gargle 3 to 4 times a day at the beginning of the onset of the flu or cold.    
*Use a Q-Tip dipped in the warm salt water and swab your nostrils. This removes any virus that may be waiting to attack.
*Blow your nose heartily once a day to remove virus and mucus that harbor germs.
*Do not drink cold orange juice to get rid of colds and flu. In fact don't drink cold anything when you feel a cold or flu attacking. Drink warm liquids only to flush the virus out of your throat.
*A question was asked at one of our Chamber of Commerce meetings as to why flu was more prevelant during the winter months and not in the summer. A naturopath said it is because we are not in the sun everyday absorbing Vitamin D. He recommended taking additional Vitamin D every day to continue nature's natural resistence. Do be careful not to overdoes with Vit. D. It can have negative health issues. Check with your doctor of course.
Diet: *This is from Mary: Raise the alkaline level of your body. Sorry but give up the sugar, wheat, non-organic dairy, beef and processed foods. They are all acidic foods and are linked to various cancers and other serious ailments including celaic sprue if you eat wheat bread. Feeling sluggish or you just don't feel good most of the time? Give up wheat products for a month. I have a feeling you will notice a big difference.
Virus, including most cancer viruses, cannot live in an alkaline body. Eat lots of fresh fruit and veggies including a salad every day with dark greens. Stick with apples, prunes, and purple, orange and red fruits and veggies. Fresh fruits and veggies contain enzymes, which help with digestion and the natural elimination of bad bacteria.
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