Monday, August 25, 2008

Your Lean, Green Home 
Going green means making changes in the products you buy and how you clean your home. Some folks freeze when it comes to making any changes in their life. Afterall change can be scary to some people. Whether you decide to go green and rid your home of toxic chemicals and save your health and our Mother Earth, is your choice. I'm here only as a guide along "The Green Brick Road." What I can tell you is that "Oz" awaits at the end of your journey.
Tackle one room at a time.
It is far easier to tackle one room at a time but don't dwaddle between rooms. The sooner you rid your life of toxins, the sooner your health will improve. Start in the kitchen by switching automatic dish washing detergents to an organic product. Look for the Green Seal of Approval or other affirmations that the contents have been validated as being eco-friendly. Rinse dishes thoroughly before loading the dish washer. Then even if your detergent is a bit on the weak side, your dishes will come wonderfully clean.
Next switch out your liquid dish soap. Rid your life of all products containing sodium laurel sulfate as you read in the last post. If you keep an all purpose cleaner under your sink for those quick cleaning jobs, then head thee to the health food store for a bottle of organic all purpose cleaner or try Mary Moppins CleanEz.
Baking soda and baking powder both work as healthy alternative scrubbing compounds. Boil a bit of distilled white vinegar, add a drop of CleanEz or liquid dish soap and enough baking soda to make a paste and you will be amazed at the scrubbing power when those products join forces. 
Then start replacing your plastic storage containers and bowls with ceramic or glass containers. Plastic leaches nitrates and dioxin into hot food. Dioxin is bio-accumulating in your body. In other words it never goes away and carries serious health issues. Check the dates on your spices, flour etc. Do you have any cans of food that have rusted or the bottoms are "pouching" out? If so, it's time to replace them.
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