Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Green Your Home

Let's start taking small steps to rid your home of toxins that could be causing health issues. Remember most health problems caused by the products you use and the food you eat may not surface for years. Like dirt and grease ill health is a build up problem and prevention is the only cure. A green home is a healthy home and usually free of serious diseases I discussed in my last post.

First a bit of prep work. Chemical companies are not required to list the ingredients used in their products. Supposed organic green products may contain toxic chemicals. Always stay clear of any product containing sodium laurel sulfate. It is found in anything that foams: dish washing detergent, shampoo, toothpaste, laudry soap, most body care products and even soft swirl ice cream. It leaches the chemicals out of plastic bottles and gasses off dioxin or nitrates.

Aubrey body care products are excellent as are Bi-O-Kleen, Mary Moppins and the Clean Team line of cleaners. Bi-O-Kleen carries excellent dish soaps, laundry soaps and dish washer soaps. When I tossed my Cascade dish washer soap and started using Bi-O-Kleen my sinuses cleared up. The "clean" smell that hits your nostrils during the wash cycle of a dish washer is not so "clean." It is off gassing some highly toxic gasses. Until you can make the switch, open a window and turn on the fan to rid your home of those toxic fumes.

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