Friday, April 13, 2007

Neat tricks for nylon net bags

Here is a little tip that might come in handy for those of you who camp, travel or just around the house. Rather than toss those little mesh bags that some grocery stores use to hold fruits and veggies - like avocados - into the trash toss them in your kitchen drawer. They are wonderful for holding small handfuls of grapes, berries, cherries etc to wash. No more losing them down the disposal.
Tuck two or three bags inside one, twist tie the other end. Use it as a scrub pad for scrubbing pans or cookware. These are wonderful for camping trips, on boats or in RVs not only for scrubbing pans but hands too! Double them for added strength, tuck a bar of soap inside and it will clean anything including childrenJ. It's easier to hold onto the bag than a slippery bar of soap.

Sponge Paint brushes aren't just for painting

The next trip to your hardware store, grab 3 or 4 each of several different sizes of sponge paint brushes. They are so handy for cleaning into those hard to reach areas like the corners of window frames, slats in convection ovens, slats in the vents on ceilings of RVs, corners of refrigerators drawers – just those little nooks and crannies where I usually remove my glasses and what dirt I don't seen doesn't need cleaning! Oh and don't forget in-between the keys of your computer keyboard. Please don't ask me how that came to mind as I shove the little dust bunnies aside to see the keys.

Kick the Habit of Wearing Shoes indoors

How many of you are now in the habit of kicking your shoes off at the door to keep the dirt off your floors and outside where it belongs? Um that's not many hands and yes the kids can be taught too. Just gently take them back to the door and sit them down until the shoes are setting on the mat by the door.

Extra Tread on Slick Surfaces

For my Rvers, boaters and professional cleaners who clean slick surfaces like those of boats or Rvers who need to be on top of the roof or professional cleaners hosing down large warehouse spaces: Grab a pair of the "sticky" Tevas. They are around $50 or so. They have only been sold mostly to boaters for that added footing needed to prevent landing bottom side up in the water. I tried on a pair and they will work quite well for roof walking on RVs, ware house cleaning, for kids around the pool this summer or anywhere slick surfaces might be a preface to bruised tailbones. They would even be great for taking showers at camp – TEVA's are far cooler for kids than flip flops. Yes I'm going to email the company and purchase stock!

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