Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Cleaning Mini Blinds
Design Life Products recently sent information about a holding device for mini-blinds, which hold the blinds on a shower wall with suction cups. I have not tried them as yet but the design of these MiniMaids looks inviting. This is a much easier process than hammering 2 nails into the back of your home like I have suggested in the past.
To clean your blinds, simply hang them from the hooks. Turn the slats so they face downward. Beginning at the bottom, spray them thoroughly with CleanEz or a foaming tub and tile cleaner spraying your way to the top. WAit a few minutes until the cleaner begins to drip down. Wipe the blinds with a wet sponge, spray them with the shower head, reverse the slats and flip the blind to the other side. Repeat. When you are finished, dry them with a towel and re-hang. The entire process should take less than 15 minutes.
They are sold mainly in mail order catalogues or call 847-266-7783 for purchase information.
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