Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Save Money and Our Earth   
By Mary Findley

     I literally see green, a good thing, whenever someone mistakenly says to me, “One person can’t make a difference.” A smile hits my face as I tell them so far the mops that I have manufactured and sold over the years have kept over 250,000 mops out of the landfills because they last 8 or 9 years with no mop head replacements. Then I start expounding on concentrated green cleaners and how they reduce oil and fuel needed to ship ready to use cleaners. One person can make a difference especially when you raise awareness in several million households. Each of us doing our part positively impacts our Earth. Let’s take a look at ways you can save money and reduce this thing called carbon footprints.

     1. Millions of boxes are shipped each day. Shippers regularly put the packing slip in a packet on the outside of the box, which serves no purpose. Request the shipper put the packing slip inside the box, which saves billions of them a year. This reduces energy and natural resources for manufacturing and fuel to ship them.  

     2. Purchase bulk groceries whenever possible and take your own re-useable bags. Every box and every piece of paper is another tree cut down and fuel needed for transporting the trees. Precious fuel and energy is used for manufacturing and shipping boxes. For instance, a jar of the herb basil may cost around $8 for an ounce. Wash the empty bottle then refill it with organic bulk basil for $1 an ounce. Buy bulk cereal, spices, rice, nuts, noodles etc to save upwards of $400 a year.   

     3. Use cloth napkins rather than paper napkins. Again think packaging, trees saved, the toxic chemicals used to treat the pulp and the reduction of fuel used in shipping. Did I mention the cost savings to you?

     4. Speaking of paper, switch from paper towels to the re-useable towels found in most grocery stores. These towels can be laundered 60 plus times. Each towel replaces an entire roll of paper towels and they are great for windows, and polishing.

     5.  Buy your meat from the butcher behind a meat counter and say no to prepackaged meats, which come on Styrofoam plates with absorbent padding.

     6. Yes Styrofoam paper plates and cups are  handy for parties and picnics only they are killing our Earth.  Instead, invest in washable plates to take on picnics or when you entertain at home. Carry extra water to rinse them and store them in your cooler. The parks departments will thank you for the reduced waste as well.

    8. Slow down when driving. Every 5 mph reduction in speed adds a mile per gallon to your fuel economy.   Are your car tires properly inflated?                

  10. Turn to organic, concentrated cleaners like Mary Moppins’ CleanEz – a concentrated all purpose cleaner and Benya, a streak free window cleaner, Wood Care and Leather/Vinyl Care. All are concentrated. Benya makes 10 quarts of window cleaner for a$60 savings. CleanEz makes 32 quarts for a $360 savings. Mary’s Mops last an average of 8 to 9 years for a savings of $400.   

This article may only be shared giving full credit to Mary Findley and her website www.goclean.com. Copyright worldwide @2012

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