Monday, December 13, 2010

A List of Holiday Cleaning Tips
     During the Holidays people love cleaning shortcuts, how- to tips and safety information. Since I've written past articles around holiday cleaning here is a list of my favorites going back to 2006 through 2008. Yes 2009 is not included. I was home transfering my father to a nursing home for Alzeheimers and caring for my mother who has cancer. The prior years contain dozens of excellent tips. Look to the right, click on the year then the month.  


November 11, 2008   Prevent Winter House Fires. Very important to read.


December 03, 2008  Safety Cautions for the Holidays from Underwriters Laboratories. Please make certain you read this article.  


December 07, 2008 through Dec 17th. Ten Days of Christmas Cleaning. A simple cleaning schedule for the holidays.  


November 11, 2008 Prevent winter house fires – Another article that could save your home from fire.  


December 21, 2007 Last Minute Holiday checklist – handy review


December 14, 2007 Six Cautions for the Holiday Season – more tips to protect your home from hazards


December 13, 2007  Five Easy Cleaning Stress Relief Tricks for the Holidays.


Nov 26, 2006 Holiday Cleaning Tips – Handy tips for holiday disasters including how to remove red wine and punch stains.  


May your Holidays be filled with great cheer, joy and blessings from Creator. Joy to you for the New Year.

Mary Findley


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