Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cleaning Schedule part 3
     Okay it's time for truth or dare. I dare to email me and tell me you did go through each room of your home and started working on your cleaning schedule. How far did you get? Yes I understand how little time you have. I'm hanging by a thread most of the time too. If you can't manage your whole home at one time aim for canvasing one room a week. I do recommend doing the entire home so you don't do one room and put off the rest. I am notorious for getting a project started and 3 years later it is still at the "start" stage. Trust me once you take the time to sort through the clutter in a room or just re-organize and write down how often you need to clean what in that room, you will love the time you save cleaning.  
     A set cleaning schedule also prevents damage to surfaces. I cannot tell you the number of cleaning gurus who say if a surface isn't dirty don't clean it. That is the #1 way to ruin a finish because that surface gets ignored far too long. For instance, wood dries and cracks because you don't remember the last time you applied a wood conditioner like our Wood Care. With the economy in the tank, it's more important than ever to take extra care of your things. Replacement is expensive and many of us cannot afford the luxury of replacing floors, cabinets or furniture. Knowing exactly when they need extra maintainenance prevents them from being damaged. Leather, vinyl and ultra leather furniture is the same. Schedule cleaning leather or vinyl regularly using our Leather Care to prevent drying and cracking.  
     Have you noticed I'm nagging you to get disciplined with your cleaning? Well I'm beat at the end of day too. But I know the weekend is coming and when I look at my schedule and can cross out a short chore, it leaves me a bit more "free" time on my weekend. Plus if you have children at home, they see your discipline and will follow your example. What a great way to teach a child to set priorities than for them to see you do the same.  
     If you have children at home, set up a cleaning schedule for them too. As you do a chore in the evening, they do one too. Kids love to help so encourage this at a young age. Any child who is walking can put away toys.
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