Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cleaning Schedule
     People ask me frequently how to set up a cleaning schedule. Face it, cleaning, let alone taking the time to learn the nuisances of green cleaning is not on the top of most people's priority lists. Although for the sake of your health and that of Mother Earth it should move to the #1 position. For the next few blogs, let's delve into a few ideas to help you set up a schedule.    
     EXERCISE: First and most important - exercise regularly. I know time is tight and the kids need attention. Take a serious look at your schedule and you will find plenty of time. What is more important - sending that text message or enjoying life through good health? You can't achieve good health texting on a cell phone or sitting watching American Idol. Nor does it come in a pill bottle. It's only through diet and exercise that you will look years younger and feel on top of the world. Even 30 minutes a day of a fast paced walk and the right diet void of processed foods, dairy, wheat and sugar that you will truly return to health.
     I've been told plenty of times to take a hike. Well I started doing that when my son was young. I took those 30 minute hikes during his ball practices or before his games. Then I started getting up 30 minutes early. Trust me you will feel invigorated and not miss the extra sleep. Diet and exercise are the miracle cures you have been looking for. After my next cleaning book is finished, I'm writing my life's story and how I've beat the medical world without their pills and scalpels. You can too.
     Next, grab a notebook and decide what schedule will best suit your situation. Do you have time on a specific day to clean your home all at one time? Or would it be easier to do one chore a day like dusting on Monday, the bathrooms on Tues etc. I suggest doing your most dreaded chore first. By the time the end of the week comes or you get to the end of your cleaning jobs, you start to wear down. Having the harder tasks out of the way helps you plow through the easy stuff. So save the easier stuff like dusting, for last.
     Today's assignment: Write down your cleaning schedule. Writing things down creates that psychological edge of  importance and it makes for a quick reference sheet as well. Then make up your mind that you will stick to it.    
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foxyenglishcrafter said...

When I was younger I used to write lists and had a routine. my house was spotless, my friends used to laugh and say that i knew the dust particles by name and that i would die with a cleaning cloth in my hand. But every room was clean, ever corner dusted and i had time to socialise, go to the gym, have a couple of hobbies and have quality time with my children. Over time the lists disappeared, clutter appeared and so did the dust and mess. All my time seemed to be spent procrastinating and I lost all my free time searching for this or that, forgetting appointments and basically feeling scatty. I no longer had time to socialise and for hobbies. What hobbies? I no longer go to the gym, health issues, and my teenagers got more and more fed up with me not knowing where i had put this or that. I found i had a daily routine that worked for me. starting at back door working my way through until each room was dusted and hoovered

I would then write myself a list for those things that needed doin but wasnt done daily , like moving furniture out to clean underneath and behind.etc etc

Anyway the point being lists work eventually these lists become a routine that you do without thinking like gettin up in the
morning and getting dressed.

I so wish i could go back to those days. life was easier, i was fitter and I had a life to talk about. I would be very lucky if i could actually get one room completely clean in a week at the moment, with the clutter, and falling behind on chores and all because i stopped using and writing lists.

Be sensible. draw up your list, start your cleaning schedule today and put on your trainers and exercise those blues and weight away!!! You will be pleased you did and you will wonder how you ever survived before without them