Thursday, June 24, 2010

Go Green - Think Sustainable
    Who would ever think eliminating one small piece of paper would have a huge benefit for Mother Earth? A book was written years ago titled "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff." Well the small stuff does count but you don't have to sweat it for huge returns in your investment. Small changes if taken to heart by millions of people will help balance the scale in favor of Mother Earth. Right now she needs all the help we can give her.
     One small step is when you order products to be shipped ask the company to put your packing slip inside the box. This eliminates the pouch that holds the packing list on the outside of the box.
    There are a minimum of 2 million boxes a day shipped. If those 2 million people all ask to have the packing slip placed inside the box, it has saved over 250 million those packets a year. Staggering isn't it? Best of all? It's easy and free. Just ask the company to place the slip inside your box. The next time you hit a store with office supplies take a second to look at a pack of these packing slip holders. There are usually 25 of them per box. Now visualize eliminating at least 10 million of those boxes a year? Use your imagination and stack them up. Not only are you saving the packets but the box that holds them and the cardboard box they are shipped in as well. Not to mention the toxic ink used for printing, the fuel used to ship them and the energy used to manufacture them. 
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