Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Greener Cleaner Home
My first post of the year promised daily short tips on turning you into one mean, green, speed cleaning machine. Okay so that was 13 days ago and I'm just getting started on my New Years resolution. I ended up Jan 2nd on a long road trip to do a trade show and typically got behind in my postings. Does that sound familiar? You meant to get the kitchen cleaned up and you ended up sidetracked by other matters? So am I forgiven? No? Well hang on because you are in for 365 days of pure cleaning mania.
Day one: So we all get sidetracked - get over it and I mean that literally. Learn to stay focused. For the next 20 minutes your goal is to stay focused on just this one task. Grab a large box or three if the boxes are small. Trash bags will do but boxes are faster to stuff so you can pick up clutter faster. Set the timer for 20 minutes and go pick up the clutter in the most cluttered room in your home.
Keep a fast pace. Working quickly is good for your heart and doubles the amount of clutter you pick up. Fudging, whining and stopping to read a magazine or watch TV is not allowed. Cram all the clutter you can into that box during the first 15 minutes. The last 5 minutes you will put away, give away or toss everything in that box. You must use the full 20 minutes.The idea is to establish the habit of tackling one chore for a set period of time. If one room only takes you 8 minutes then go to the next room. The important step here is to stay focused for the full 20 minutes.
See you tomorrow - I need to go pick up the clutter I left in the garage after getting home from this trade show.

If you are just beginning to read this series please see my post of Feb 3rd.
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