Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Tough Kitchen Cleaning Jobs
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 Smelly Drains: Most of us ignore discussions of smelly drains like we avoid discussions of hemorrhoids. Hum – that is a rather good analogy of smelly drains. You do need a bit of "Preparation" (leave off the H) so head thee to the grocery store for a cotton toilet bowl brush, a sink brush and bottle brush then to a pet store for a bottle of Nature's Miracle and my website for a bottle of CleanEz.


  Clean the drain pipes:  First empty the cabinet under the sink. I heard those groans, do it anyway. Get a bucket, one that doesn't leak, and stick it under the drain. Remove the pipe and clean it and the trap. Use the thinner bottle brush dipped in a quart of water adding a cap of CleanEz (CleanEz now carries the EPA seal and can't be beat for cleaning showers, toilets, counter tops and stains) and one-forth cup of food grade distilled white vinegar. Scrub the pipes as far as you can reach with the bottle brush. Replace the pipe and contents of the cabinet minus anything that has not been used for the last year. I thought you might like that new found storage space.


 Odors in the disposal: Next take the sink brush and dip it in the CleanEz solution and sprinkle the brush with baking soda. Scrub the disposal. Dip the cotton toilet bowl brush in the Nature's Miracle and swab the sides of the disposal and let that set an hour or so. The enzymes in the Nature's Miracle will "eat" away the rest of the debris on the sides of the drain.


    Pour half a cup of Nature's Miracle down each drain at night before you go to bed. The enzymes will "eat" any food debris that might clog your drains without adding to toxins that all too often are dumped down the drains. Then at the 1st of every month clean the disposal as above (minus the under cabinet cleaning) and pour Nature's Miracle down the drain to prevent clogs. No it doesn't work for tree roots.


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