Friday, April 10, 2009

I see lists for "101 ways to use vinegar" and even complete books dedicated to the remarkable abilities of such a simple earth friendly product.
WARNING: Always buy food grade distilled white vinegar otherwise the vinegar might be made from petroleum, which is not healthy to use. I have even seen vinegar listed as being safe for pickling. Folks that does not mean it is food grade distilled vinegar. Vinegar is not expensive. You can get a gallon of it for around $3.50 so get the good stuff and stick with Heintz. No I don't own stock but I as much as I promote the company I may buy shares.
1) I love vinegar for killing broad leaf weeds in the yard. Pour it directly on top of the center of the weed and don't worry about watering it in. The plant will die within a few days. Pull it up then water the spot thoroughly so you can replant grass seed without the vinegar killing the grass seed. Use fish meal for fertilizer in your yard and garden. I compost my veggie scraps and mix some of that into the soil around my plants every spring along with fish bone meal. Boy do they love the TLC.
2) Pour a cup of vinegar into your toilets once a month before bed to prevent ring around the toilet.
3) if you have a hard water ring around the sink drain, pull the plug and pour in 1/4 cup vinegar and let it set several hours then scrub with baking soda. The vinegar is a mild acid and when it comes into contact with the alakline of hard water the two bring each other back to a neutral PH balance so the stains are easy to remove.
4) Use vinegar in your washing machine. I add 1/2 cup to the wash water, which boost the cleaning ability of my organic laundry powder so I use about half the amount of powder. Then I soak an old dish cloth with 1/3 cup of vinegar and toss it into the dryer. Wow talk about an effect earth friendly dryer sheet. Throw away the toxic dryer sheets and liuqid fabric softeners. You don't need them.
5) Vinegar is also a good cleaner. Add just a bit to your concentrated all purpose cleaner like my CleanEz when you dilute it for use. You only need half as much cleaner.
6) Oh is it wonderful as a toilet bowl cleaner. Spray it in the toilet, sprinkle in a bit of baking soda and you clean the toilet the earth friendly way on about 2 cents. Geez does this mean I finally got my 2 cents in after all these years?
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handheaded said...

thanks mary always looking for clean ideas, if i am the axe of the eco-culture you must be the spoon.feed me.peace, coyote in search of his eyes

Mary Moppins said...

Hey Handheaded thanks for the post. There are a lot of us who come out swinging on these issues. I'll keep you fed with clean ideas. Namaste.