Thursday, January 22, 2009

On The Third Day of Spring Cleaning my House Said to Me...

Please clean my baseboards. Okay so sometimes it takes a bit of humor to encourage us to tackle these unpopular chores.  Hopefully you make humor a vital part of your everyday life. It is healing to the spirit and physically as well. Next up on the spring cleaning list is to pull all furniture away from the walls. Wipe down the walls and work your way along the baseboards cleaning them and the carpet as well. Use a barely damp towel or a "dry sponges" found at the pet stores and sometimes places like Bed Bath and Beyond. Remember any musty odor or visable mold or mildew in these hidden spots has an originating cause. Find it and take care of the moisture problem.

This is why I'm so adamant about deep cleaning. You spot potential trouble areas like water spots on walls, before the problem becomes severe. One of my customers wrote to ask me about gray splotches on her linoleum kitchen floor. I told her it was mold and to immediately find the source and repair the source of the water. By the time she finally followed my advice their floor had rotted so badly it was close to collapsing. Their main living area was on the second floor so the consequences of ignoring my advice nearly cost them their home. Their insurance would not have covered the damage since it was due to flooding. The dish washer was leaking and they were unaware of the problem. 

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