Friday, January 30, 2009

If you have read any of my blogs or take my newsletter you know how I promote preventive cleaning. Preventive cleaning is even more important today with the economy in such turmoil. If dirt is allowed to build, it means replaceing an item sooner, which is costly to you and our Mother Earth. Walk gently and clean proficiently.
When I was professionally cleaning homes, some blinds had dirt buildup so bad you could write your name in bold letters. Yet 5 minutes a month per blind and the problem is prevented.
Wood, metal and vinyl blinds can be safely cleaned with 2 tablespoons of food based distilled white vinegar per quart of water. Lightly dampen a lint free cloth like an old cotten t-shirt or one of our baby diaper cleaning cloths.
Turn the slats downward so the main part of the blind faces you. Start at the top and wipe them down. Reverse the slats, pull the blind out and walk around behind the blind. Repeat from the backside. If your blinds have heavy dirt buildup then use an all purpose cleaner like our CleanEz. Take the blinds outside and hang them from two nails pounded into the back side of your home. Make sure they are up high enough so the blinds clear the ground and wide enough apart to keep the blinds balanced.
Turn the slats so they face downward. Begin at the bottom and spray the cleaner on your blinds working your way to the top. Rinse them with a sponge then dry and reverse the slats. Repeat from the back. Then rinse, dry and rehang the blinds. Do not use this method with wood blinds. Contact the manufacturer for proper cleaning procedures.
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Dana said...

Hi Mary - I heard you on Martha Stewart Sirius Morning Living yesterday morning and I just LOVE all your tips! I have to admit that I have NEVER cleaned our blinds - I think I have once vacuumed them (not too effective) but since finding your tips to cleaning blinds, I thought to myself, I have that cleaner and I can do it. Only problem is, we live in an apartment building so we can't put nails up outside our house. But I think I can do it in our bathtub. Anyway, my question for you is, how do you dry the blinds? Just let them drip dry? Do you suggest using a towel to get most of the water off and then let it drip dry with the slats closed?
Thanks so much for your advise, our apartment will be much cleaner now!!!

Mary Moppins said...

Hi Dana,

Thank you for the koodos about my cleaning tips and listening in on Martha's radio program. Kim and Betsy are so much fun. I've enjoyed working with them.

You can clean the blinds in the tub but you must be very very very careful not to scratch the tub. If the tub gets scratched you will be charged for the damage.

It would be easier to get a roll of plastic at the hardware store. The thin plastic will be just fine. Lay it on the ground outside. Before you remove the blinds turn the slats downwards. Remove them and put them on top of the plastic. Then spray the blinds with the tub and tile cleaner, let that set a bit and sponge them off with half a cup of distilled white vinegar per gallon of water.

Now pick the blinds up and get someone to urn the slats the other direction and flip the blinds over. This will let you wipe the thin line clean that was missed from the other side.

Now if you have an old sheet lay the blinds on top of it to absorb some of the moisture. Finish drying with an old bath towel. It should take you no more than 30 minutes to clean them.

Just promise me though you will stop using the tub and tile cleaner. It's very toxic and harmful to Mother Earth and your health. My CleanEz does a great job and it's certified by the EPA to be safe from hazardous chemicals. It's available on Just click products then cleaners.

Blessings for a greener tomorrow,
Mary Findley

Dana said...

I really do hate the tub and tile cleaner - it's just way too strong for me. But I didn't know that until I purchased it.

I will most certainly check out you CleanEZ product - it may replace all my current cleaning products which will be a huge help!

I already use a steamer for my floors - no chemicals on there!