Friday, October 10, 2008

Ten Steps to Take Now to Winterize Your Home 
Now is the time to prepare for the cold months ahead. Here is a short "to do" reminder list.
 1.  Clean your fireplace. Soot-filled chimneys are a fire that will happen. A professional cleaning is recommended.
 2.  Wash and wax your vehicles especailly if you live in snowy areas.
 3. Clean and winterize lawn mowers, chain saws or any other equipment that uses gasoline. Never store gas near heat.
 4.  Wash all bedding including blankets. Vacuum mattresses and spray for dust mites if you live in humid areas. See the prior post on how to use geranium oil as a natural bug deterent.
 5. Remove drapes with the help of your partner or a friend and take them outside and shake the dust out of them.
 6. Clean your dryer vents and hoses. Have your air ducts professionally cleaned as well. 
 7. Kill any mold yet growing on sidewalks and driveways. These areas get extra slick with frost and snow.
 8.  Stock up on healthy snacks, candles and emergency supplies in case of an electrical outage from a snow or ice storm.
 9. Trim any dead branches from trees and sweep your roof especially if you have a fireplace and
10. Go out for a final hike in the woods to enjoy the autumn colors.

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