Thursday, June 14, 2007

Two ways to alleviate a sore back when mopping your floor.
Both men and women ask how to avoid a sore back when damp mopping their floors.  Sore backs can be nearly eliminated in one of two ways.
1) If you are taller than 5 foot 5 or 6 inches then give some thought into obtaining an extension handle that will reach to your head height. Leaning over a too short of a handle will cause back and neck pain. Leaning over while cleaning your floor also takes you far longer since you not only fight the dirt on the floor but your cleaning equipment as well.
2) Change the way you hold a handle. Most people grab a handle with their thumbs on top of the handle and their fingers underneath. This hand position automatically pulls your back over. Switch your hand position so your thumbs are underneath the handle and your fingers are on top, much like you are playing a flute. This  keeps your back erect, eliminates back pain - most of it anyway - and you will find you clean faster and more effictively.
If you find you need to use any pressure at all on your mop to mop your floor, then it is time to find an efficient mopping system. Cleaning floors should be as easy as dancing across the floor when you are using terry cloth towels. If not there is something wrong with the system you are using.
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