Friday, May 11, 2007

Five Top Reasons to Shut the Toilet Sea
Reason #5: The lid covering is far prettier than a toilet seat especially if it has been more than a week since it was cleaned.
Reason #4:  If your spouse asks you to close it. We are far too quickly becoming more concerned about what "me" wants rather than being courteous to each other. It's time to turn the corner and bring courtesy back into all our relationships.
Reason #3:  It is quite unsightly as a guest to walk into a bathroom with the lid up.
Reason #2: Children throw things in them then flush - the results of which are costly. It costs nothing but 1/2 second to shut the lid.
AND the #1 Reason to close the lid: Just like unexpected and perhaps unwanted guests,  things do drop in.
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Lindsey said...

Reason #6: It's not unheard of in cities with older sewer systems (like Eugene) for rats to crawl from the sewers up the pipes into basement or first-floor toilets. Better to keep any unexpected visitors contained!