Thursday, February 01, 2007

Vacuuming and Caring for Your Vacuum

Last issue covered selecting a new vacuum but what about caring for the vacuum you have?  Vacuums are such troopers. They keep working week after week when the majority of us – yes me included J do nothing to take care of them until their wheels start squeaking.  

Cleaning or Replacing Beaters and Bags

*NOTE: I tape a note to the front of my vacuum with the date I changed the belt and the beater so I don't have to track down or remember the last time I did it.

Before you begin vacuuming, check the beater if your vacuum has one. Remove any strings or debris that wind around the beater. If it is soiled clean it using our CleanEz. It removes dirt and grime in one quick swipe. If you don't remove the dirt your carpet will. Also remove any dust or dirt that has collected in the housing unit where the beaters attach to the vacuum. The vent needs attention as well. Replace the beater if the brushes seem worn.

Most important though, replace your belt at least once a year. They stretch with use, which means the beater cannot properly clean your carpet.   

Next check your bag. Vacuums loose their suction ability when the bag is filled. Micro-particle bags are available for those with allergy or sinus problems. They claim to prevent dirt from escaping. I have never used them so I cannot tell you if they are effective or not. 

How often should you vacuum? 

This is a general guideline only. Your vacuum schedule will differ depending on your families circumstances

Carpet manufacturers recommend vacuuming wall-to-wall carpet daily. I feel it depends on traffic. With children and pets, high traffic areas may need frequent daily vacuuming. Light traffic areas usually just need a weekly cleaning. Daily vacuuming is designed to prevent dirt from being ground into the carpet lengthening the time between shampoos.

How to vacuum - The art of vacuuming

Ok art is stretching this a bit far but there are right ways to tackle your carpet. And there is my way and that is to walk into a room and sweep it with a glance!

Before Vacuuming: Pick up chucky objects first keeing an eye out for small toys, if you have children or little reminders from your pets if they roam your home. These things hide in carpet and sneak into your vacuum with not so pleasant aftermath.

Pre-treat most stains with CleanEZ. Not only is it an industrial strength cleaner but an excellent stain remover for both carpet and clothing. CleanEz pulled gum out of my truck carpet in less than two minutes. Spray on CleanEz diluted, onto the spot. Wait only a minute or two, blot then rinse with one-quarter cup white vinegar per quart of water.

If you have a two story home – start vacuuming on the second floor. On all floors start at the back of your home working towards the center so you don't accidentally drag dirt over freshly vacuumed carpet.

First pull out your furniture if you didn't do this while dusting.  Start at the back of your room, vacuum behind the furniture replacing it as you go. Work your way out of the room. The carpet and rug industry recommends going over each area 4 times - twice in each direction. Well theories are wonderful but do vacuum slowly so your vacuum does have time to inhale the dirt.

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